Cushion the blow of sleep problems with a Reflex Pillow

The Reflex Pillow is a patented medical device designed by a specialist to provide several health benefits along with comfort and support.
Cushion the blow of sleep problems with a Reflex Pillow

Prioritise your sleep with a Reflex Pillow.

Noel O’Connor supported the masses when he backed his idea and invented something that would solve a problem so many people have, trouble sleeping.

With the Reflex Pillow, his goal was to help people achieve better sleep. Whether someone needs help to reduce snoring, improve proper blood circulation, have symptoms of sleep apnea, or want to reduce neck, shoulder, and back pain, Noel created a solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

“I discovered that people were spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars on the mattress, only to report that they had no significant improvement in their quality of sleep. My thought was, 'It has to be the pillow! What good is a quality mattress if you’re sleeping on an inferior pillow? How beneficial is middle and lower spinal back support if you’re not giving support to the shoulders, head, and neck?’ I decided- Not very much! In 1994, I began my quest to provide ‘the perfect pillow’,” said Noel.

It's much more than memory foam

For Noel, it wasn’t an easy process, to say a lot of time and energy went into finding a pillow that would give people a healthier sleeping experience is an understatement. He wasn’t happy with his first, second, or even twenty-ninth prototype.

“The memory foam pillow prototypes I had developed simply weren’t getting the results I was looking for. I found that the memory foam pillows didn’t provide the spinal support necessary to improve comfortable sleep and its healthful benefits. After creating approximately 30 prototypes I finally made a brilliant discovery—I found that using a specially developed medium to high-grade density foam provided the perfect marriage between comfort and support,” said Noel.

The final product 

The reflex pillow is a non-memory foam pillow designed to provide a “cushioning effect” on contact. Its shape cannot be compromised by head weight because it reacts immediately to pressure, it never reaches a “bottoming out” point, and it remains at a moderate temperature throughout the sleeping process.

Wake up feeling rested with a Reflex Pillow
Wake up feeling rested with a Reflex Pillow

It all works together to provide a pillow that is fifty percent softer than memory foam while still offering the spinal stability necessary to sleep comfortably, and to wake up feeling refreshed and free of soreness.

The science behind the Reflex Pillow 

The first cervical vertebra also called the Atlas, which is only two ounces in weight with a fifteen-pound head sitting on it, is prone to misalignment putting it under prolonged pressure and strain causing disruption of the various vascular, neural and lymphatic structures. 

The vagus nerve innervates the larynx, the pharynx, the upper part of the esophagus, “which in my opinion could be another contributing factor for sleep apnea”, said Noel.

Visit for a sounder sleep
Visit for a sounder sleep

“This along with the involvement of accessory nerve which controls muscular activity and the glossopharyngeal nerve which is the nerve that carries signals from the back of the tongue to the brain and innervates the muscles of the pharynx. Therefore the influence of muscle relaxation on the atlas and the shape of the Reflex Pillow allows for contact support of the entire cervical spine resulting in the best anatomical scenario for correct spinal alignment,” Noel continued.

The head position is such so that the airways are never obstructed. “These are the reasons I believe Reflex Pillow is beneficial to sufferers of sleep apnea,” he said.

To sum up, the Reflex Pillow is a revolutionary support structure designed for the anatomy of your body. It keeps your head, neck, shoulders, and entire cervical spine in alignment while you sleep meaning you can wake up feeling rested.

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