A joust between jarveys and joyriders hits the headlines

What was in the news 100 years ago today? Richard Forrest of Cork City Council reports in our Echoes of Our Past
A joust between jarveys and joyriders hits the headlines

What was in the news in Cork 100 years ago today? Richard Forrest reports

Conference, Not Correspondence

Éamon de Valera has written to British Prime Minister Lloyd George, accepting his invitation to a conference to search for a way in which “the British Empire may be reconciled with Irish national aspirations”, the Echo reported in Saturday, October 1, 1921.

In his acceptance, Mr de Valera wrote: “Our respective positions have been stated, and are understood, and we agree that conference, not correspondence is the most practical and hopeful way to an understanding”. Furthermore, “our delegates will meet you in London to explore every possibility of settlement by personal discussion”.

The news the Daíl Éireann Cabinet has accepted Lloyd George’s invitation was received in Cork with the utmost satisfaction. It was first made known to the public through the medium of the Examiner’s bulletin-board around which a large crowd gathered and received the glad tidings with manifest pleasure. Adding to the public’s gratification is the news the railway strike has been settled subject to ratification by the men. “The best news we have got for a long time”, was one man’s comment on the two announcements and it certainly seemed to reflect popular opinion.

A Joust Between Jarveys

Michael Healy, of 2, Penrose Square, appeared in the Police Court on a charge of having assaulted James Hennessy, 15 Moore Street. Both were jarveys and on Wednesday night last, Hennessy went to the Palace Theatre to pick up a fare that had already engaged him. Without any provocation, Healy pulled him off his car and belaboured him with the pin badge that jarveys wear. Hennessy’s face and eye were injured, and he had to go to the infirmary for treatment.

Complainant’s brother, Roger Hennessy, said he went to James’s aid but Healy, who was drunk, hit him.

“I bled like a bull”, he said.

“Have you the slightest mark?” asked W.F. O’Connor, Healy’s legal representative.

“No,” said Roger Hennessy, “it is very hard to mark me. I have good skin. I bled from the nose”.

W.F. O’Connor outlined to the court the dispute had a history relating to the positioning of cars on King Street and what was told in court was greatly exaggerated. Their cars had got stuck in each other and there was a general melee and Roger Hennessy struck Healy also.

Mr O’Connor conceded that Healy had too much to drink that day and had fallen off a car at a funeral. He wished to apologise to Hennessy.

Mr Callan sentenced him to two months with hard labour.

Don’t Forget to Put Back the Clock

The summer, which has certainly been a record one, comes to its official ending next Monday morning and all timepieces are to be put back an hour. The time fixed for the change is 2am on Monday.

We may point out this is the official time. The public may find it more convenient to put back their clocks and watches before going to bed on Sunday night.

Donkeys in the Age of “Vroom, Vroom”

One usually sees or hears something strange between Saturday and Monday mornings. On the outskirts of the city last weekend, a mixed party was observed enjoying a suburban tour in a motor car pulled by a very leisurely-disposed donkey, helped by being pushed from behind by a couple who were evidently members of the party. The ass, it must be admitted, did not enter enthusiastically into the spirit of things, and sought to glance behind from time to time.

Eventually, at a turn in the road, he succeeded in getting a backward look and the humour of the situation breaking upon him fully, it literally took him off his feet. He lay on the road overcome with emotion till the strange entourage found other means of making progress. Then he arose and laughed loudly in his own inimitable way.

Lesson - attaching a spare wheel rather than a stray ass would enable weekend joyriders get through their jaunt with more comfort and would save the suburban donkey and his owner no little inconvenience!

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