‘Monty’ reports on Cork city curfew, and two farmers killed in barracks blast

Echoes Of Our Past: What was in the news 100 years ago, on Saturday, April 1, 1921
‘Monty’ reports on Cork city curfew, and two farmers killed in barracks blast

CORK POST: World War II General Bernard Montgomery

THE Official Cork City Curfew Report last night: 1. No arrests. 2. The city was quiet. Signed: B.L. Montgomery, Brigade Major, 17th Infantry Brigade.

(‘Monty’ would go on to be the famous desert nemesis of General Rommel in World War II).

Meanwhile, the Echo on Saturday, April 1, reported that an attack on the police barracks in Rosscarberry had a tragic sequel, when an unexploded bomb in the ruins of the building detonated, causing the deaths of two farmers, John Collins and George Wilson. Several other people were wounded.

Bales of English newspapers arriving in Dungarvan this morning were seized outside the railway station before the news boys could bring them into town, and taken off “to some country district” by disguised men.

Lord Edmund Talbot, a member of a leading English Catholic family, has been appointed Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. It is over 230 years since a Catholic last held the position.

Shot in the Foot

A somewhat startling occurrence took place in the Bridewell at about 10am today. It appears that whatever way Constable Smith was handling his revolver in one of the bedrooms, it went off and shot Constable Carroll in the ankle. The bullet went right through and became embedded in the other foot.

Constable Carroll, it will be remembered, was recently wounded in the arm when he and a man named Sheehan, an attendant at the asylum who has since been killed, were fired at on Blarney Street.

Hold-up at Hilsers

Two armed men entered Hilser’s Jewellers on the North Main Street after 6pm yesterday and ordered staff into the workshop at the rear. Telephone wires were cut and when an employee was ordered to secure the front door, it was noticed there were now eight raiders.

Mr Burkley, owner of the shop, had been out with his son and now returned and rang the bell. The caretaker of the premises was upstairs all this time and came down to open the door, oblivious to the presence of the uninvited guests. Instead, one of the raiders let Mr Burkley in and he and the caretaker joined the others in the workshop.

Ransacking of the shop now began in earnest and after about 45 minutes, the robbers left with jewellery worth £8,000 and £50 in cash.

Future Negotiations

The air is full again of peace rumours and at the last meeting of Dáil Éireann (“the Sinn Féin parliament”) it was decided to appoint a committee for negotiations with “enemy countries”. Certain republicans had been assuming the right to speak for the people of Ireland when such right has been entrusted solely to Dáil Éireann. Negotiations will now only take place through this committee and all negotiations are to be discontinued until the negotiators and their proposals are scrutinised carefully. Mr de Valera made a statement to the press that Dominion Home Rule is “an undefinable thing” which has not been offered, and all that is certain is that Irish feeling has been embittered almost beyond description since the last feeble attempt at peacemaking.

No negotiations will be entered into from Sinn Féin’s side unless they are preceded by an honest truce and a general amnesty.

City Centre Chase

A case of illegal possession of firearms against Thomas Flavin, of 4, Laurelhurst Terrace, College Road, was heard before a military court at Victoria Barracks today but identification proved difficult.

A police constable in evidence told how he and two other constables were proceeding to Union Quay barracks on March 8 when they noticed three suspicious “civilians” at the corner of Pembroke Street and South Mall. A chase ensued up Pembroke Street and shots were fired.

Christus at Blackpool

A large audience was present at Blackpool cinema last night and immensely pleased with the splendid scriptural production entitled Christus.

The film is a masterpiece of cinematographic art on which the producers have lavished time, money and an infinity of care to ensure it should be a great work of art. It will be screened again on Saturday and Sunday.

Hospital Contracts

At a meeting of the Cork Joint Hospital Board, the following tenders were accepted: Denis O’Leary, 23, Washington Street, for the supply of mild-cured butter at 290 per cwt for the month of April, Kate O’Brien, Doneralie, supply of eggs at 2s 1d per dozen. George Scott & Co. for the supply of 50 tons of Welsh coal at Buttevant Station at 78s. per ton.

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