I am so grateful for a chance with Cork City says new keeper Liam Bossin

I am so grateful for a chance with Cork City says new keeper Liam Bossin
New Cork City keeper Liam Bossin after training in Curraheen. Picture: Jim Coughlan

WHEN one door closes, another one opens and for new signing at Cork City, goalkeeper Liam Bossin’s call to the club came at the perfect time.

The 23-year-old, 6 ft 2 keeper from Belgium has had a terrific career to date, playing at a really high level, but there comes a time when one person’s opinion of you can change your life, and here he tells his story of how being out of favour with one manager almost stopped him from playing the game he loves but how excited he is to be at Cork City.

“To think that a few months back I had almost given up on the game, I am so grateful to be at this club,” said Bossin.

“Goalkeepers can have it tough if you’re a second choice keeper at a big club for so long, and it can be even tougher when you feel you should be playing, so to be given a chance to prove myself here at City, it’s a challenge I’m really looking forward to.”

Bossin started soccer at the age of six with boyhood club White Star Wolowe in Brussels where he went on to play for their first team at the age of 16.

After three games with the first team, the biggest clubs in Belgium went looking for him and he chose Anderlecht so he could stay at home in Brussels and from here his professional career took off.

“It was a massive change playing with Anderlecht’s first team, who were the biggest club in Belgium.

“From here I got my first International call up and because my mom is Irish, I was eligible to play for Ireland and began at U19 level. I played with some former Cork City players such as Alan Browne, Sean Maguire, Eric Grimes, all great guys.

“By the time I was 18 and still with Anderlecht, I began to lose patience as I felt I wasn’t moving forward.

“Although I signed a two-year professional contract, I couldn’t go on loan at the time, and so I felt I was more like a training goalkeeper.

“I needed game time so I left Anderlecht for Nottingham Forest and after a one-week trial I signed a two year deal.

“I loved it there at the start but it’s always difficult to play in a team where the manager changes every few months and football is about opinions and the last manager, unfortunately, didn’t like my style of play. The club decided to release me, and two months after the same manager got sacked so it’s all about being at the right place, at the right time.”

Having started out as a striker but went in goal when his team were stuck one day, Bossin has grown to love the position and feels having played outfield made him very comfortable with the ball at his feet as well as his hands.

“Goalkeeping has really changed with the years.

“Yes it is a crucial position, you can save 10 shots in a game and make one mistake, and everybody will remember that mistake.

“But that’s part of the game and I don’t mind that. I love the feeling of being under pressure.

“I love the fact that I am very good with my feet as well as my hands.

“My move to Cork City came at a great time in my life for me. I was working part time since July as I lost hope in my football career, but thanks to my parents, my best friend’s family, the Meddours, they always made sure I trained every day.

“My parents and the Meddour family played a huge part in getting back my confidence, pushing myself over the limit and thanks to them I am where I am at the moment and I can’t wait to get started with City.

“Pre-season was hard as you would imagine but I’m so motivated and hungry that I don’t feel the tiredness and now I just want to start the season.

“It’s an honour to train with Mark McNulty, he already gave me loads of advice and I am sure I won’t stop learning from him.

“David Harrington is also a great goalie to work with, he is young but he has a lot of talent and it’s good to train with such good keepers I enjoy it a lot.

“We have a really good bunch of lads so it was easy to get my confidence back and enjoy football again.”

Loving life in Cork with his girlfriend, Bossin states he and his partner have come a long way, not for him to make it a success here on Leeside and he hopes he can be the first choice keeper for Fenn.

“I am focused on showing Neale that I can be the first choice keeper, and a good one at that. I have come a long way just to sit on a bench, so I will be giving 100% to ensure I play.

“Yes, we are a very young side, in fact I am one of the oldest, yet I know the squad are talented and hungry to succeed and I have no doubt they will give it everything.”

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