Oliver Plunkett’s GAA club in West Cork plan for the future as underage grows

Oliver Plunkett’s GAA club in West Cork plan for the future as underage grows
St Oliver Plunkett's committee members who have helped promote their forthcoming fundraising event: Michael Dullea, Lisa Collins, Michael Higgins, Donal Walsh, Gwen Crowley and Collette Walsh.

St Oliver Plunkett’s GAA Club are hosting a novel fundraiser on Saturday, February 22 as the progressive West-Cork based GAA Club seek to raise more finance for their club.

The Carbery divisional club are hosting Plunketts In Sync which has already generated a huge sense of excitement around their hinterland.

Club PRO Lisa Collins is eagerly looking forward to the novel event.

“Preparations started last October. The last two years saw us host two fantastic fundraisers with both nights selling out each year.

“This year we felt a need to try something different. All GAA clubs require funds to keep the show on the road, so there is a constant need to try something new and fun.

“It is also about giving back to the community,” declared the diligent club official.

A hard working committee have undertaken huge work behind the scenes as they seek to provide a great event which will raise as much finance as possible.

Lisa is full of praise for the committee members, the participants and members of the local community who have snapped up the tickets.

“The committee have put in a lot of hard work. They have plenty of experience organising events and projects.

“The various groups have been training constantly over the past number of months.

“People are great to come out and support local events. We can always rely on the community to get behind us. The community here in Ahiohill is second to none.”

St Oliver Plunkett’s GAA Club possess very good facilities which are gleefully availed of by their adult club, ladies teams and their various underage teams.

The club are however always striving to improve their facilities for their increasing playing numbers.

The finance raised from the forthcoming fundraising event is vital for their continued progress revealed Lisa.

“The finance raised will go towards the continued development of the club and its grounds.

“We unveiled our new pitch last year which is state-of-the-art.

“We have also developed a community walkway around the pitch which has proven very popular especially with the addition of flowers and benches by the Ahiohill Tidy Towns.

“Our astroturf facility which we have over a decade now is used extensively not only by our club, but also external groups such as badminton, soccer and other GAA clubs.

“However, this all costs money. Hence the need to hold fundraising events.

“The generosity we have received over the past few years from businesses, sponsors and community members has been greatly appreciated.

“We are so grateful to those who have given so generously to our club and who continue to do so.”

The funds raised from Plunkett’s In Sync will go towards ensuring their club grounds and facilities are maintained and ensure the club continue to provide much needed resources within the community declared Lisa.

“The funds will be used for the continued development of the club and to ensure we can supply facilities for everyone to use both within the community and also for visiting clubs and groups in neighbouring parishes.

“Ahiohill is a growing and attractive area for people to settle in. We as a club need to ensure we are delivering and succeeding as a core function within the community.

“We aim to provide a great outlet for all generations to enjoy their sport. Our new pitch is absolutely fantastic. It has received great praise from so many opposing clubs and players.

“The next big item on the St Oliver Plunkett’s agenda is the official opening of the new pitch. We have some big plans to put into motion to mark this event.”

St Oliver Plunkett’s GAA Club are a central part of the Ahiohill community.

The club greatly value their local members and the club always strive to ensure the needs of the community are always met by their local GAA club.

The club are indebted to the local community for their strong support revealed Lisa.

“St Oliver Plunkett’s is a small club with a huge community. It goes without saying that the GAA club is at the centre of most rural communities and is core to the existence of that community.

“We in Oliver Plunkett’s have a responsibility to our club members and the community at large to continue to grow, develop and continue to provide great facilities for our people.

“As the saying goes, ‘build it and they will come’. Between the astrotruf, the new pitch and community walk way, the club and its grounds have never been so alive.”

On the pitch, the Magpies are looking forward to a successful season in the Carbery junior A football and hurling championships.

The club is also doing well at underage level. Membership is strong and they have good coaching structures in place which augur well for the future.

Lisa is confident the club has a very bright future ahead.

“We have Michael Dullea managing the junior football team and JJ McCarthy managing the junior hurling team this season.

“Both are looking forward to the year ahead. Membership continues to grow amongst the underage. We had a record number of children attend the Cúl Camp last summer which is testament to the fantastic facilities we offer the public.

“It is an absolute joy to head over to the grounds to watch all the underage training sessions occupy the two great pitches in Ahiohill.

“It creates a great atmosphere in the community.”

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