Concerns over relocation of Mayfield Post Office

Concerns over relocation of Mayfield Post Office
Mayfield Post Office.

CONCERNS have been raised about the relocation of Mayfield post office from the Kerry Road to the local shopping centre, forcing customers to cross the busy North Ring Road to access its services. 

Workers’ Party Councillor Ted Tynan has said local people should have been consulted about the office's proposed move.

"That post office at Kerry Road, near the Cotton Ball, is well established and conveniently located, serving people over a wide area of Mayfield and the surrounding area,” he said.

"Now it is to be moved to the other side of one of the busiest roads in the city, to Mayfield shopping centre.

“Local people should have been given an opportunity to have a say on whether the post office is moved."

Cllr Tynan also expressed alarm at the wider issue that many post offices across the country face closures under proposals which he dubbed "the brainchild of a hard-headed business executive who has completely ignored the social value of post offices to a community, whether rural or urban."

A protest will take place at the GPO in Dublin today in opposition to reports that the review may see the closure of up to 200 post offices across the state.

"A local post office is more than just a place to buy stamps or collect social welfare payments," Cllr Tynan stated.

"The post office is a lifeline, it is a hub of the community and a place where people have a chance to meet their neighbours and keep in contact.

"Taking away a post office simply tears the heart out of a community."

An Post has stated that the in-depth review of the Post Office Network, the first for many years, "will take into account shifting demographics, the changing marketplace for services and the economics for postmasters."

"An Post’s intention is to produce a plan for a commercially viable and self-funded network which will meet the needs of citizens across the State," said a statement from the organisation. 

They say that no decisions have been made while this review is ongoing.

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