Fears parked cars in The Glen could slow arrival of fire engines

Fears parked cars in The Glen could slow arrival of fire engines

Residents of Glen Heights Park in Ballyvolane say that a recent fire alert made them realise that the large volume of cars parked in the area could impede the progress of emergency vehicles. Picture: Ger Bonus

DANGEROUS parking in a Ballyvolane estate has become a serious health and safety issue, a local resident has warned.

Anthony Connolly of Glen Heights Park told the Evening Echo that parking in the estate has become a “dangerous situation” after a recent fire highlighted the potential for disaster in the area.

“A few weeks ago, a chimney caught on fire at about 11pm and the fire brigade were called,” Mr Connolly said.

The fire services had a difficult time entering and exiting the estate due to the sheer amount of cars parked in the small area, according to Mr Connolly.

“The lieutenant of the fire brigade couldn’t believe it. If there had been a major fire, they would have to pull cars out of the way to get access to water. There are no barriers or markers either, so if the fire brigade did have to come in at night, they wouldn’t be able to find the water. The fireman walked around and said it was a disgrace.”

Although there are just 15 houses in the area, up to 37 cars park there regularly, according to Mr Connolly.

“There’s just so many cars up there, there’s nowhere to park. If there was a major fire, it will be a total disaster. There’s barely room for one fire truck to get into the estate.

“What will happen if we need two fire trucks or an ambulance and a fire truck? I’d have concerns because the fire men had to reverse out, they couldn’t even turn there were so many cars.

“No taxis can come in either and the binmen sometimes can’t get down. The fire chief couldn’t believe it. If there was a fire in one of the houses, god forbid, a family will be wiped out.”

More parking needs to be provided for the area, Mr Connolly said, adding that there are four grass islands and two fields that could be used to increase parking.

Local councillor Thomas Gould has called on Cork City Council to take action and increase parking in the area.

“I’m calling on City Council to carry out the necessary works needed for the area. Obviously, work needs to be carried out if ambulance and fire services can’t gain access.”

A spokesperson for Cork City Council said additional works would firstly require an agreement from the entire community.

“After that, a proposal for additional parking could be considered if funding became available for conversion of green areas to parking as this funding is not available at present,” the spokesperson said.

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