Calls for new bridge name to honour Cork woman

Calls for new bridge name to honour Cork woman
The planned Harley Street bridge.

ATHLETE Sonia O’Sullivan is one of the suggestions being put forward for the naming of a new bridge between Merchant’s Quay and Patrick’s Quay.

At last night’s Cork City Council meeting, Fianna Fáil senator John Sheehan put forward the proposal that the bridge should be named in honour of a Cork woman.

“When you look at it, we have more than 20 named after men in the city and only one, the Nano Nagle bridge, named after a woman,” Mr Sheehan said.

“In this day and age, I think we need to start redressing that imbalance. There are many fine Cork people you could argue for — Mary Elmes, who helped Jewish people during World War II, Mother Jones, the sports stars Sonia O’Sullivan or Derval O’Rourke.”

The councillor said the merits of one person over another can be argued at a later date.

“As a principle, I think we should establish we are going to name it after a woman. Out of more than 20 to have only one named for a woman sends out a very bad signal for a modern city.”

Fellow councillor Mick Nugent has also previously backed the idea of naming the bridge after a woman and Mr Sheehan is hopeful that the motion will pass.

“It is going before the party whips first and then before Council but I think it is a very hard principle to argue against. There are enough things named after men in the city.”

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