BDSM bar plans "aesthetically vile" t-shirts following objections to signage

BDSM bar plans "aesthetically vile" t-shirts following objections to signage
The sign over BDSM bar on North Main Street.

Cork publican Benny McCabe has thoroughly enjoyed the reaction to news that the sign above his bar B.D.S.M. must come down and wants to thank the letter writer who referred to it as ‘aesthetically vile’.

The large black and white sign has been in place since the bar opened in 2013 but has been the subject of complaints. A recent planning decision went against the bar, with the Council deciding that “the retention of the sign would contravene stated planning policy”.

Mr McCabe said he is not a bit surprised by the outpouring of support he has received for the sign.

“Not at all, it is hilarious and I’ve been contacted by lots of people I normally wouldn't come into contact with during the episode.” 

The story has become a viral talking point since the Evening Echo wrote about it last week, so much so that Mr McCabe has decided to use the notoriety to raise money for a good cause. He is printing up 1,000 t-shirts adorned with the memorable comment and intends to sell them, with all profits going to a local charity.

“I just wanted to make a massive word of thanks to the person who made the “aesthetically vile” comment because it is going to help out an awful lot of disadvantaged people this Christmas.” 

The objection to the City Council stated: "The signage is aesthetically vile and detracts from the amenity of the street. In fact it would be more suited to the more sleazy areas of Time's Square in the 1970s."

Most of the reaction to the story has been from Cork people who liked the quirky, retro sign and would prefer to see it retained.

Staff poked fun at the decision at the weekend, rearranging its letters to read: ‘I am beautiful, no matter what you say.” 

Mr McCabe accepts that his sign may be too large and as a result, hides some of the front of the building. He has no issue with complaints but points out that it is in no way out of place in the area.

“The writer is completely entitled to his opinion, but he didn’t consider all the other signs in Cork city. My sign is no better or worse than any of the rest of them.” So while the sign will probably have to come down, the phrase describing it will live long in the memory.

“If there are rules and we break them then we’ll take it down, simple as that. That comment is the amusing bit.”

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