Wilton Corridor project going to be ‘David Vs Goliath’ battle

Wilton Corridor project going to be ‘David Vs Goliath’ battle

Chris O'Donovan, a Wilton Road resident who is opposed to the Wilton Corridor. 

THE Wilton Corridor project is a ‘David Vs Goliath’ battle against the council, according to a local resident who will be losing two metres from his front garden if the plan goes ahead.

The project aims to provide six transport lanes on the busy route — including a bus lane and bike lane city-bound and outbound, along with a single traffic lane each way for regular vehicular traffic.

Chair of the Wilton Community Action Group (WCAG), John FitzGerald, said that the proposed development would impact the safety of his home in terms of parking in his driveway and exiting his home onto the busy road.

The chair of the WCAG also said it would have an impact on his social life, with friends and family potentially being restricted in terms of parking and visiting if two metres is taken from his front yard.

“It will reduce the amount of parking available. This will restrict visits from friends and family, I have three young children, they have grandparents that want to visit.”

“Both sides of the road are impacted. It is taking two metres on the left-hand side and 7m-8 m on the right-hand side on the way to the shopping centre,” Mr FitzGerald said.

The first phase, which will focus on the stretch between the Wilton roundabout and Dennehy’s Cross, will require the use of a portion of several front gardens along both sides of the road.

The plans include the shifting of traffic flow through the Dennehy’s Cross junction slightly westwards and the installation of traffic lights at the junction of Wilton Gardens.

“An additional bus lane for 120 metres is not going to make any difference to anyone.”

Mr FitzGerald said the local community is not against development and understands the city needs to grow, but said there did not seem to be any benefits from this particular project.

He said the council keeps saying Cork is a city of communities and they are dividing one of the oldest communities in the city.

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