Cruise liners docking in Cobh warned to keep the noise down

Cruise liners docking in Cobh warned to keep the noise down
A cruise liner in Cobh recently.

CRUISE liners docking in Cobh have been warned to keep quiet by the Port of Cork.

The busy port, which sees up to 100 cruise liners docking throughout the year in the tourist town, has issued a statement regarding noise levels at certain times in an effort to maintain a good relationship with local residents.

In a notice, issued by Captain Paul O’Regan, who is Harbour Master and Chief Operations Officer for the Port of Cork, cruise liner captains were asked to reduce noise pollution in the area.

The notice from Captain O’Regan said that due to the topography of Cobh Cruise Berth, the sound from passenger announcements, music played on external decks and alarm sirens were amplified and this can be an issue for the surrounding residential properties.

From now on, Ship Masters should ensure that emergency training exercises which include the blaring of alarms should not be sounded before 9am Monday to Friday and 10am Saturday and Sunday, and not after 6pm.

Deck announcements are also to cease, with a ban on music and outdoor cinemas before 9am and after 6pm.

The use of noisy mechanical maintenance tools is also prohibited in Cobh.

Captain O’Regan stressed that these restrictions are not valid in the case of an emergency and in such instances where alarms and passenger announcements are required to alert crew and passengers to a danger on board a vessel.

Last year, 92 cruise liners visited Cobh and 103 are expected to stop into the Cork harbour town in 2019.

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