Wedding plans for Cork fiancee of Liverpool legend put on hold due to coronavirus pandemic

Wedding plans for Cork fiancee of Liverpool legend put on hold due to coronavirus pandemic
Ian Rush and Carol Anthony.Picture: Eddie O'Hare

THE Cork fiancee of Liverpool legend Ian Rush revealed how Covid-19 restrictions have dashed hopes for a secret wedding in Mauritius until further notice.

Carol Anthony from Togher said she had considered tying the knot with her former Liverpool striker fiancé in August or September. However, she now fears that flights won't be running for a very long time.

"Ian is on the tourism board in Mauritius and it's a place we've always loved," she said.

"The plan was to just have a few close friends and family. It was going to be small and private. My plan was to throw all my concerns into the dress. August and September were good for both of us as we had a window then. Once you get into the throes of mid-season it gets crazy. To be honest, I wasn't giving a lot of thought to how I was going to get married, but what I wanted wouldn't have taken long to pull together. Right now we can't get on a plane, We don't know how long this pandemic is going to go on for but my guess is it will be longer than people think."

Carol said that a number of magazines had contacted her but she was keen to keep the nuptials private.

"Several magazines had been on to us but I hadn't committed to anyone. In an ideal world, I wanted to just come home and tell everyone "Ian and I just got married."

She said that questions had already been raised around a date for the big day.

"Three from the executive board at Liverpool FC have got married in the last year and a half so a few people are asking when we are planning on having our own wedding."

The couple is now residing in Portugal until restrictions are lifted.

"Even if we wanted to go home we can't get on a plane now. Funnily enough, we've actually been talking more with family and friends that we might not otherwise have through technology. Friends of mine from my school days who I haven't seen in years have been on to me."

"I've been sewing together masks-something I never thought I'd be doing. Ian never cooked before but managed to serve up fresh clams the other day. I don't think anyone's going to come out of this the same person."

The former popstar and Cork Rose is currently in talks with a Cork company to discuss plans for her own line of hand sanitisers.

"I think when this is finished hygiene will continue to be a big part of people's lives. Every woman will carry a sanitiser in her handbag. That's the future."

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