Cork free of new coronavirus cases for more than a week

Cork free of new coronavirus cases for more than a week
A map showing coronavirus cases in Cork

NO new Covid-19 cases have been reported in Cork in over seven days, and a leading consultant in CUH believes now is the time people should increase their efforts to stop the virus spreading.

The number of cases in Cork hasn’t increased between June 15, and June 22 - according to the latest data available on the Government’s Covid-19 data hub.

There have been a total of 1,535 cases reported in Cork since the outbreak began.

Dr Corinna Sadlier, a consultant in infectious diseases in Cork University Hospital (CUH) said that it’s important to recognise the positives, but to not get carried away.

“I think it’s an important milestone. I think it shows what the collective can do at the community level,” she said, urging people to continue to take responsibility for themselves.

“We have a flat line for now. Really, it’s about the sustainability of this. 

"Many of us would be surprised that we have gone through Phase One, gone through Phase Two, and we’re in a very good position nationally, but there is huge potential for things to deteriorate and to deteriorate rapidly,” Dr Sadlier said.

“I imagine we will see cases in the future. Hopefully we won’t see a second wave but that’s what we’re all fearing,” she added.

However, Dr Sadlier said that all of the indicators nationally are positive with the slow-down of the virus.

“This really is the time we all need to increase our efforts and not to become complacent,” she said, adding that face coverings in shops and hand sanitiser in playgrounds are just some of the measures people have been taking more seriously in recent weeks.

She also highlighted the continued behavioural changes like social distancing and hand cleaning as key.

“I think behaviour has changed a lot, and hopefully enough. The infection has not gone away internationally. 

"The world is hugely connected. It’s not gone from the country. 

"It’s only a week (without a case in Cork) but it’s an important milestone, and it is encouraging to see what can be done,” Dr Sadlier said.

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