Tenors celebrate 25th anniversary with 50 date tour in 2023

The Irish Tenors celebrate their 25th anniversary in 2023. Here, Ronan Tynan tells us about his life, family and career and the Irish Tenors’ upcoming tour
Tenors celebrate 25th anniversary with 50 date tour in 2023

Ronan Tynan, one of The Irish Tenors

Tell us about yourself:

My name is Ronan Tynan, I was born on 14/05/1960.

My father is Edmond, a farmer, and my mother Therese, is a catering officer. I am the youngest of three children.

I’m a tenor with the group, the Irish tenors. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary together in 2023.

As part of a 50 date tour in 2023, we are starting in Ireland with shows on in the NCH Dublin on the January 7 and 8, followed then by a concert in the INEC Killarney on January 14.

I am also a doctor and during the pandemic I was one of four doctors who worked for the HSE in the south east carrying out vaccinations.

I also taught voice in the university of Kentucky for two semesters over the last 10 years.

Where were you born?

I was born in the Coombe hospital, Dublin. I was a twin, sadly my twin brother Edmund passed away at 18 months old.

Where do you live?

My family home is in Kilkenny. I also live in Boston as well.


I’m very blessed to have a wonderful sister Fiona and brother Tom. We are very close and can go to each other when we need support. Family is everything to me.

Best friend?

I have been very lucky with good friends both in Ireland and. America. In Ireland my closest friend is Kieran, we are like brothers. We can always rely on each other and will be always there when one of us needs a listening ear.

I really was very lucky in the states to have a truly great friend for 22 years called Brent. We both rode Harley Davidsons bikes across the States. He was a retired policeman. Just a one in a lifetime friend. Sadly he passed on April 13 due to cancer.

I also have a phenomenal friend from Kansas City who is unbelievable.

Earliest childhood memory?

I was born with a limb deformity and my parents made it possible for me to have a perfectly normal childhood. They made huge sacrifices for me so as I could learn to walk.

My dad made me a little wooden trolley so I could scoot around in the yard and be part of everything. My mother was the person who actually got me to walk. 

When I was three years of age, she placed coloured bars of soap on the kitchen table and waited to see if I would get up and try and eat them, thinking they were sweets. I took my first steps thinking the soaps were sweets.

When I took my first steps, she kissed me with tears, I will never forget that day.

Person you most admire?

I’m very proud of our president Michael D Higgins. I think he is top drawer. He is very high up on my admiration list

Person who most irritates you?

I don’t really allow anyone to get under my skin. If I’m uncomfortable in the company of someone, I just get away from the situation. Better for me and them.

Where was your most memorable holiday?

My most memorable holiday was going to South Africa with Voices of the World, It was an unbelievable experience.

Cape town was amazing, I sang with a wonderful choir and had a ball. The generosity of the people was special.

Favourite TV programme?

I’m an avid racehorse lover. No surprise that I watch Racing TV, love watching live racing and all the replays. I also love watching and listening to David Attenborough. Tremendous nature programmes.

Favourite radio show?

I’m a big fan of Lyric fm. I truly love listening to Marty Whelan in the morning. I enjoy his way of doing his programme. Most entertaining in the mornings. An excellent radio show host.

Your signature dish if cooking?

I’m not a great cook, but when I do I love to cook a nice T-bone steak, medium with two poached eggs, potatoes in the jacket, mushrooms cooked in butter and topped off with brussels sprouts with chopped bacon.

Favourite restaurant?

Chez Hans in Cashel, this is the restaurant where all three members of the family celebrated our 21st birthday parties. Having a family meal with my parents.

Last book you read?

The last book I read was written by Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point.

Best book you read?

The Boys in The Boat. It’s about an eight oared rowing crew that won the 1936 Summer Olympics. Written by Daniel James brown.

Last song/album you listened to?

The best Of Luciano was the album.

Favourite song?

I love all sorts of music so I don’t really have a favorite song.

One person you would like to see in concert?

The two people I would have loved to have seen in concert were Freddie Mercury and Phil Collins.

Do you have a pet?

I’m an avid pet lover, I have two black and white cats called Tom and Gerry and a beautiful Alsatian called lucy.

Morning person or night owl?

I’m a bit of a night owl, especially if I get stuck into a good book.

Your proudest moment?

In my life, I’ve had several moments when I can say I was proud.

The day I qualified as a doctor, my parents I think were beyond words.

I would have to say being the soloist for two American presidents’ funerals was one of the greatest honours that I’ve been privileged to receive.

Spendthrift or saver?

A bit of a spendthrift.

Name one thing you would improve in your area in which you live?

Add more colour to the houses and have more trees, plus a nice cafe for people to go to and chat.

What makes you happy?

Being able to wake up in the morning and greet the day with a smile.

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as a person who has lived life to the absolute full.

Biggest philosophy for me, don’t be slow in giving or accepting encouragement, you give people the chance to capture the will that’s inside of them, when they find it, it brings the best from them. This is what I want people to do.

What else are you up to at the moment?

Learning music and starting to write the second part of my autobiography.


The Irish Tenors begin their 50-date tour with shows in the NCH in Dublin on January 7 and 8 and then a concert at the INEC in Killarney on January 14.

For more on the group and their upcoming concert series, see https://theirishtenorsmusic.com/

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