Bringing happiness into people’s lives

Beauty and energy therapist, musician and jewellery maker, Pascale Lutz tells us about her happiness mission
Bringing happiness into people’s lives
Pascale Lutz who creates “Happiness Cards” and also “Happiness Diary”; along with my own jewellery collection.

Tell us about yourself:

I am happily married to Xav here in Cork and work in the ‘Happiness’ sector!

I design and create inspirational cards, which I call ‘Happiness Cards’ and also a ‘Happiness Diary’; along with my own jewellery collection.

I also work as a beauty therapist, as well as an EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and an IET Master Instructor (Integrated Energy Therapy).

And I play bass guitar. So I have a very full and creative life, I feel very lucky.

Where were you born?

I was born in Paris, France, 58 years ago and have been living in Ireland since 1985. I have actually lived nearly 10 more years in Ireland than in France!

My husband, Xav, and I came to Ireland because we are musicians and wanted to make a living from music.

Our rock band is called Booster, he’s a guitarist and I am a bass player.

Where do you live?

We arrived in 1985 in Clonakilty, West Cork, where we stayed five years, then we moved to London for 18 months, and quickly decided that we wanted to go home. And for us, Ireland was home. We came back to Cork in 1991, and never looked back. Cork is our home, and we would not live anywhere else!

Your signature dish if cooking?

There are so many my mum taught me to make, but I love cooking ratatouille, gratin dauphinois (potato gratin), salmon and leeks in puff pastry, and baking French apple tarts, clafoutis aux cerises (delicious moist cake with cherries).

Favourite restaurants?

That is a hard one to answer, Eco in Douglas, Liberty grill on Washington Street, Orso on Pembroke Street, Nash 19 on Princess Street.

I particularly love On The Pig’s Back in St Patrick’s Woollen Mills, this is where I launched my ‘Happiness Diary’ and ‘Happiness Cards’, it was a wonderful night.

Ines Caramelo J Barter Travel, Pascale Lutz Happiness Cards and Alice Glesson J Barter Travel, Pictured during Local Enterprise Week. Picture:Gerard McCarthy
Ines Caramelo J Barter Travel, Pascale Lutz Happiness Cards and Alice Glesson J Barter Travel, Pictured during Local Enterprise Week. Picture:Gerard McCarthy

Do you have a pet?

We used to have a cat in France, but since my beauty salon is at home, and some people don’t like cats, we cannot have a cat. Though we enjoy spoiling the neighbour’s cats, who must have sensed we are mad about cats! They know there will always be croquettes and cuddles here!

Morning person or night owl?

Definitely night owl. Doing gigs virtually every night of the week for more than 30 years definitely shaped my internal clock. And anyway, it is at night that I am at my most creative. I could be making my jewellery until 3am and feel totally alive and awake.

Your proudest moment?

I guess it is when I finish one of my projects after months and years of hard work. When I wrote my book Always There For You in 2012. My first set of ‘Happiness Cards’ in 2014, when I launched ‘Happiness Diary’ in 2018. There is a great sense of achievement and pleasure when all the creative energy I put into my products can be shared by all.

I will launch re-launch my set of ‘Happiness Cards’ this month and I just can’t wait for them to be printed and used by others.

Favourite TV program?

We actually never had a TV as we do not have the time to watch it. Too busy making jewellery, writing, creating.

Latest book you read?

Several books actually. The Seven Sisters series by Lucinda Reilly, and Burning Bright by Tracy Chevalier.

Happiness Cards by Pascale Lutz
Happiness Cards by Pascale Lutz

Favourite colour?

Turquoise blue. Like my logo and the cloth on my jewellery stand. And orange. Like my hair!

Favourite music?

Generally hard rock from the ’70s (Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Scorpions, Dio, Iron Maiden, Gary Moore, Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher, Robert Cray).

When I make my jewellery, depending on my mood, I also love to listen to Enya, Sarah Brightman or Randy Crawford.

What makes you happy?

Happiness is so important in all our lives. I created my ‘Happiness Cards’ in the hope that we will actively celebrate happiness and the joy it brings. I get such lovely feedback from people when they use my cards, it really warms my heart.

For me, helping people, making them feel empowered, happy and good about themselves, spending time with my husband, visiting my mum and sisters in France and have them visiting me, cuddling a cat or a dog, taking photographs everywhere I go, making jewellery, riding my motorbike, gigging with the band, cooking for my friends, meeting my friends as often as I can.

How would you like to be remembered?

As somebody who brought happiness and light and brightness and a great sense of humour into people’s life.

My logo says ‘Inspiring Happiness’, I want to live up to this! Which I hope to have achieved with my Happiness Cards. I got such lovely feedback from people that it really warms my heart.

What else are you up to at the moment?

I am very busy, thankfully, I am working on my 2020 ‘Happiness Diary’ already.

I have just started a silver jewellery course in January (St John’s College) and I am working on Business training with the Local Enterprise Office, South Cork.

I am also preparing for the Cork Mind Body Experience in the City Hall on April 13 and 14 where I will exhibit my jewellery and rebranded ‘Happiness Cards’.

For further information, visit my website

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