Recipe: Tagliatelle with Ham, Peas and Cream

Lockdown has brought back meaning to family mealtimes, so says Di Curtin in her weekly food column
Recipe: Tagliatelle with Ham, Peas and Cream
Tagliatelle with Ham, Peas and Cream.

I’VE been hearing on the radio and reading online about how mealtimes have become a pillar of daily routine since we’ve been in lockdown.

Apparently, many now report how their eating habits have changed since Covid-19 struck. Where once the working family would be hard pushed to get dinner on the table much before 7pm, and sometimes later when duty calls to work after hours, now the evening meal is a much earlier affair and light supper has made a comeback.

Lunch is also planned and made part of the daily list of things to do. Being at home means cooking and food preparation has become a more enjoyable affair than the rush it normally is for a lot of people.

We’ve started to enjoy the occasion of eating together as part of our day, harking back to times when family meals were always a chance to gather round the table at a regular time.

I’ve spoken to people who are making food a central part of their day, getting kids involved and creating a buzz out of it, if only for something practical to focus on during long hours indoors. For me as a foodwriter, that’s a silver lining in a very dark cloud - because it’s something we’ve all been trying to encourage for many years!

Mealtimes should be a cause for minor celebration, a chance to reconnect as a family doing something together. It’s taken a deadly virus to make it happen!

We’re still restricted shopping wise, so I’ve rooted out an old favourite I like to make when you want to cook something from the storecupboard. It’s been featured here before but deserves a second outing! This tasty Italian style Pea and Ham Pasta is knocked up in no time. I used tagliatelle but any pasta will do.


350g tagliatelle 200 mls cream 

150g cooked ham, chopped 

150g frozen petit pois 

1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed (optional) 

Freshly grated Parmesan and finely chopped parsley to finish (optional) 


Cook the tagliatelle in lightly salted boiling water, for about 6-8 minutes or until just al dente.

When the pasta is ready, drain, drizzle lightly with oil and keep warm while you finish the sauce.  Add the cream, ham, peas and garlic if using, to the pasta cooking pan and bring to bubbling.

Simmer for two minutes or until peas are cooked through.

Add pasta to sauce and toss through.


Tagliatelle 375g 37c Frozen Petit Pois 450g

€1.75 Ham 2 x 140g pack €5.50 (special offer) 

Parsley €1.00 

Parmesan Cheese 150g pack €2.62 

Total: €11.24

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