My family had the ‘gift’, says therapist

An East Cork based woman is using her energy to restore balance and healing to people, through the use of guided meditation, energy/ intuition work, writes CHRIS DUNNE
My family had the ‘gift’, says therapist

"I TRY AND TEACH PEOPLE TO TRUST THEIR GUT": Alternative Therapist, Sharon Mansfield

“MINDFULNESS, awareness, meditation, energy and intuition are powerful tools and useful practices to open up a new door to a better life,” — so says Sharon Mansfield, an Alternative Therapist based in Youghal.

“Self-healing involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient promoting self-healing, relaxing the body, releasing tensions, and strengthening the body’s own immune system, says the mother of three, a farmer’s daughter, and farmer’s wife.

Sharon uses powerful tools that we can all tap into to show people a new way, that there is something more.

“We all need healing of our minds, emotions, bodies and spirit in order for us to reach our full potential and be all that we can be, so that new positive energy and a new way forward can become part of our lives.”

Sharon, who also leads guided meditations via Zoom, and who conducts non-local distant reading and healing sessions, grew up in Kerry.

Did she acquire her ‘gift’ in that magic Kingdom?

“My mother has that ‘extra’ intuition,” says Sharon.

“Often, if she dreams about something, it happens. You can bank on it.”

Mrs Carmody always had wisdom and a sixth sense.

“Mam says the Carmodys had that gift; the gift of ‘knowing’,” says Sharon.

“Her dad had it and he handed it down to my mother. I remember when I worked in Cannes, France, when I was looking after a little boy who I became very close to,” says Sharon.

“He got very ill and he came out in red spots after eating a kiwi. He was allergic to the fruit. My mother had a sense that he would fall ill and she told me to bring him to the hospital. Ultimately his life was saved.”

What exactly is the ‘gift’?

“These days there are more fancy names for it like bio-energy, or Reiki,” says Sharon.

“It is a natural energy flow that happens through me. I am a conduit for opening up those energy channels in individuals which may have lain dormant previously.”

Intuition is magical and not reserved for the chosen few.

“I try and teach people to trust their gut and lean on their intuition,” says Sharon.

Lots of people use their gifts to do valuable work.

“Surgeons have that extra intuition; the sense that they are not on their own,” says Sharon.

“Musicians have it when they are performing in tune with mind, body and spirit. It is the celestial artist at work that produces that state of mind.”

So owning and loving what you do relies on trusting your gut instinct?

“Yes,” says Sharon.

“Everybody has that instinct within their power.”

Sometimes, extra help is needed to tap into the source.

“I can channel your energy and your emotions in a natural, non-invasive way, working at a deep level of our spiritual being,” says Sharon.

“The intention is to bring you into a state of balance and wellbeing at all levels. In a meditative state of mind, the active mind can be bypassed.”

And you can see clearly then?

“Quietening the mind and quietening the ego helps people get off the endless hamster wheel, realising there is something more,” says Sharon.

“They decide; I’ve had enough. Where do I turn?”

Turning to Sharon can often open the door, unlocking the key to the untapped potential within us.

“Perhaps I have the key, the pointer to broaden horizons.”

Sharon uses visualisation to unburden individuals of unhelpful energetic feelings like anger, negativity and anxiety.

“All negative thoughts are only yours,” says Sharon.

“These feelings can be alleviated by healing or by reading, thereby gaining inner peace with a sense of connection to the Universe and increased vitality.”

Sharon has a wide customer base.

“Parents bring their children to me who are experiencing anxiety about exams for example,” Sharon says.

Who else seeks her out?

“I am very surprised by the amount of men that come to me for readings and healing,” says Sharon.

“Often, they are at a crossroads, at a cusp in their lives, and they want some sense of direction pointing out a new way.”

Taking control of our lives is a good way to progress.

“In a perfect world, people would like their wife, their husband, their siblings to change, then everything would be fine,” says Sharon.

But we live in the real world.

“You have to change yourself,” adds Sharon.

“It is not somebody else who should change. We don’t find healing in other people, only within ourselves.

“Changing your perspective and changing your attitude yields positive results. Stop trying to change other people. The outside world may be in chaos, turn the mirror to gaze inwards to get inner peace. Your mind never wants to change.”

How does it get changed?

“Forgiveness is massive,” says Sharon.

“The release and the sense of compassion gives us new freedom. Forgiveness renders a place so that the Divine Creator can drop in something new and offer new opportunities.”

Where did Sharon get her sense of calm and her inner peace from?

“We are all islanders,” she says.

“We live on an island. Even though I was very aware as a child of the beauty and nature of our island, I knew it was hugely important to get off the island.

“I walked the streets of Manhattan and I worked in a bar in Wall Street. I realised that here on our island, we have it all, much more than even the richest millionaire in New York.

“We are mega-wealthy, with the sea, the mountains; the open space. Some kids in other countries have never seen a clear blue sky, or lived in noiseless surroundings.”

Nearer to home. Sharon, 50, abandoned any worries she may have had.

“I went on a pilgrimage to Lough Derg on my 40th birthday,” she says.

“Since then, any worries I had were alleviated and I found a new inner peace.

“I had a knot in my stomach all my life up until then. I’ve been back to Lough Derg to say thank-you, now all is good in my world.”

She studied the animal world.

“I watch documentary channels about lions in Africa and how they approach motherhood,” Sharon adds.

“Watching the lionesses teaching their cubs to hunt, and how to become independent, offers us lessons on motherhood. The happiness of my children is not my responsibility. Showing them how to be independent of me is my responsibility.”

Sharon, surrounded by the clear blue sky and the clear blue ocean overlooking Youghal Bay, is at one with nature. The view from her window is special and spectacular.

Has Halloween a special significance for her?

“The veils between the worlds at Halloween are at their thinnest,” says Sharon.

“It is a time to remind us to remember our dead and to honour our dead who looked after us. The harvest is done and after all the hard work, it is time for thanksgiving.”

It is a time to remember life and death.

“Nothing dies,” says Sharon.

“Everything is transformed. The energy source in our body after death moves away or departs, ready for transformation.”

Sharon says she can transform my hyper-energy into positive energy.

When she’s reading the tarot cards, does she tell people anything bad?

“I steer away from anything negative,” says Sharon.

“It depends on what you are prepared to hear. If you want to go in a new direction, I can channel positive energy into you, realising your mind can be changed so that you are open to my recommendations.”

When you feel out of sorts,Sharon, with her healing powers, using visualisation and her natural intuition — that something extra — makes you feel lighter, even calmer.

“I like to think that I broaden people’s horizons, hoping I give them a good experience and the confidence to go forward. Trust that gut feeling.”

Being so earthy, and a little out-of-worldly,does she work the land?

“I stand at gaps and I do the paperwork for the farm!” says Sharon, smiling.

Does she believe there is another world beyond our planet earth?

“There has to be,” says Sharon.

“The sun, the moon, the planets all rise in the east and set in the west. Something wonderful and something very powerful must be at work to make that happen.”

Sharon Mansfield, Alternative Therapist, is based at Aura Leisure Centre Quality Hotel, Redbarn. Phone: 086-7844424.

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