Pandemic sees increase in business for Cork company

Pandemic sees increase in business for Cork company

Dee Butler, Digital Marketing Manager at, which has seen a massive rise in business since the start of the pandemic. Picture: Rafael Kostrzewa at Rafael Photography

Remote working has become the norm since the onset of the pandemic in March and while this has had a huge effect of traditional businesses, digital company has been working hard to keep on top of demand in recent times.

Up and running since 2013, Cork electronic form management company has seen a dramatic increase in business since Covid kicked off, with more and more companies turning to online alternatives to gathering information.

Grant schemes, local authority applications and casting opportunities have all embraced the quick and easy method of data collecting that the Cork company Submit has been offering for the past seven years. CEO, Patrick Dinneen, is originally from Newcestown West Cork and created the innovative idea with a team of in house developers.

Such was the uptake in demand for their services that promised a timeframe of 48 hours from initial setup to going live to ensure clients a speedy turnaround in order to meet the demands of their clients.

The idea of Submit was to create a user-friendly form filling facility, made for the end-user first which was fast to deploy, easy to use, and versatile enough to work around existing workflows that organisations rely on every day.

The idea for the business came about when CEO, Pat Dinneen in a previous role, was attempting to place engineers in construction jobs but found it difficult to get candidates accepted based on traditional CVs alone. So, he decided to use video interviews to bring candidates to life. He wanted the potential employers to get to know the person behind an application form.

The company has 15 staff members from developers, operations, marketing, support, sales and finance who have all been working from home since March.

Speaking to The Echo, Digital Marketing manager Dee Butler said the move to online has helped secure increased contracts.

“We have noticed that a lot of companies are not moving to a paperless or digital system to avoid personal contact. This has opened up a lot of new opportunities for and it’s something we are adapting to quickly. We really had to step up to the demand.” “For example with the Governments Restart Grant as a result of Covid, many County Councils have come on board as clients where a paperless system was necessary for uploading and submitting applications digitally. A lot of Enterprise boards have also come on board as clients since Covid due to the huge demand of grant applications. We also offered our grant management platform free of charge to grantmakers, foundations, charities and nonprofits in support of their efforts to combat this pandemic.” is also the form used by a number of TV production companies including Coco productions which is responsible for the reality show, First Dates Ireland.

Chatting about the motivation behind the company, Ms Butler said they are focused on taking the pain out of the mundane side of data collecting for all involved.

The data is not kept by and the company just facilitates the transfer of information from user to client.

The information can then be searched easily by keywords or other criteria.

The Digital Marketing Manager said that the system can be used for a plethora of uses, such as safety audits, internal investing, admissions and inductions of new team members.

“It makes jobs easier and gives people the freedom to do other things and reduces stress.” Looking ahead to the future, Ms Butler said the transformation from the traditional methods to the digital will continue and as a result, the company believes the need for form application software will only grow.

“ has set its sight on the US market, initially focusing on the innovation sector within organisations and universities using the success of existing collaborations like with The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, otherwise known as KAUST and the Ignite innovation hub at University College Cork.

KAUST is home to an innovation and entrepreneurship hub in Saudi Arabia, with its own entrepreneurial program that is currently seeking solutions to Covid created problems. Open to faculty and students it is using education and forward-thinking to source ideas from the academic network that can help in the current situation.

The university conducts research to address global challenges related to food, water, energy, and the environment and the University has now signed up to to use their innovation portal to gather information and ideas.

Ms Butler said that the company is using this initiative to streamline and perfect the form filling process to ensure it is the easiest and quickest procedure for users.

“We are using this as an exercise to learn from potential clients of their pain points when it comes to admissions, applications, staff onboarding, grant management etc, and hopefully easing those issues for them with our application.” Ms Butler said it is an exciting time for with a number of potential developments in the works.

“Presently we are in talks with investors who share our aim and vision for the company so it is a very exciting time for us.” Although things are going well for, Ms Butler said their main concerns with the pandemic is that it could slow the process down for everyone.

“People are afraid to make decisions as they just don’t know what’s around the corner.”

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