Emer O'Callaghan: Heartbroken at death of my dog Princess

In her weekly beauty column for WOW! Emer O'Callaghan shares the devastating loss of her dog
Emer O'Callaghan: Heartbroken at death of my dog Princess

Emer O’Callaghan , wearing a dress and cardigan from Monson, with her dog Princess at their favourite place, the beach

I’LL let you in on a little secret - as much as I enjoy writing this page, it would be disingenuous of me not to say on weeks like this, when I am heartbroken, I do find it very hard to find the right words.

But I am a professional, and in the same way I have to get up, do my make-up, put on my uniform, and greet my clients, the truth is even I struggle with the ups and downs life delivers - and I say that because I know we all like to relate to each other in life.

Grief is the price we pay for love - this line made famous by the late Queen Elizabeth II applied to me when my own beautiful dog Princess passed away on September 5 in my arms at Goold’s vet. She had a brief illness and went so fast, my heart is so broken, I actually can’t even describe it.

I don’t think any dog featured on the Echo as much as my pretty Princess, and it’s sad to think this will be her last time on it.

But I was so proud of my Princess, she was so loyal to me right till her last breath, and she was pure love. Special thanks to our amazing vet Sarah, who loved Princess so much too, and I know she minded her like she would her own, and that meant so much to me. All the staff at Goold’s vets did all they could for her, and my dear clients were so supportive and understanding.

I never had a dog make such an impact on me and all who she met.

People say, ‘Oh, think of the good times’, but often that is dismissive of someone’s pain. Sometimes its important to sit with the loss and pain too, as much as it hurts.

Love is a powerful thing and Princess will forever be in my heart.

In my job as a beautician, I often see clients grieving and heartbroken and it’s good to let them get out that pain, leave them cry, just let them talk, to empathise and listen. Say nothing, let them talk, nothing anyone says is going to ease the pain anyway, only time will do that.

We all only have the day ahead of us, tomorrow is not promised to any of us.

It’s been a tough few years for so many and I feel giving some advice on how to get back into doing the things we all loved so much, is far more suitable in today’s world of constant worry and stress.

I always explain to my clients that you should still do your hair or skin or nails NOT for others, you do it for yourself. I have had my times too where I had no interest in doing myself up - if you think I go around done up all the time, I don’t, my house does not self-clean itself. I love no make-up and my tracksuit days like everyone else.

I too find it hard to motivate myself to make the effort, but when I do my hair or put on some tan or make-up, or even just painted my nails, I do feel a million times better.

As the saying goes, when we look good, we feel good.

So, this autumn why not beautify yourself for yourself, because we all need hope and rejuvenation.


Anyone who be going on a well overdue holiday or break away, as so many do off peak, will find a good professional waxing very beneficial. I am always busy this time of year with our specialised waxing, you’re not going to be so confident in your swimming togs when you are hairy, and that’s the truth.

Many will be more adventurous than others in this department, but I can’t stress enough the importance of trimming your bikini line before you land in for your waxing.

Also, many of us now stock more advanced waxes, so you no longer need to be done two days in advance, and endure a day of red sensitive skin.

TANNING: As the natural glow from the summer starts to fade, so many really do not want to be pale for the winter. A full body spray tan is popular this time of year, again newer tans are fast-absorbing and quick-drying, application can be either rubbed on or sprayed.

But I still advice you to do a tan a day in advance, and not the day of, as clothes do get tan on them on the day.

I sell a lot of the Top Image Tan, €25, cream or spray, at Emerald Beauty Clinic as so many are happy to apply it themselves at home.

TINTING: A cheap and easy effective way to enhance your brows/lashes, and open up the whole eye area. We all love to wear mascara, but I find by tinting as well you give a fantastic lift to the whole eye area.

Tinting only takes 25 minutes, but the biggest problem with it is it’s only temporary and people tend to expect it to last weeks.

I always advice you tint both lashes and brows together as one enhances the other..

FACIALS: Anyone who does a professional facial will instantly see a huge difference in their skin. Plus, make-up sits better and your products can be absorbed better.

A bit like only those who lost a dog will know the pain of it, only those who do facials I find see and know the benefit.

As the seasons change, we all need a good deep cleanse facial and those who do these every 4-6 weeks, it shows.

Try a Booster facial, €85, or a Boto mask facial, €105, from the makers of botox, a non invasive mask that takes years off the skin, or a Radiance facial, €85.

Each of these can have make-up applied afterwards, and give a radiance and glow to skin for any big event, or just to help you feel and look fab.

BODY SCRUBS: We all love the feel of our skin when it’s smooth and soft, and many ladies book a body scrub in September as they want all the dead, dull, rough, dry skin from the summer removed. Cost about €65-95.

WRAPS: Anyone who wants to squeeze into a dress they love will instantly drop you a few inches temporally, but enough to make you feel and look slimmer and lighter in what your wearing. I find the universal contour wrap still by far the best, just be ready, it is cold, worth it though! Prices vary from €50-95.

EYES: A professional eye treatment for €75 is a fantastic treat, it’s basically a facial for your eyes, it removes all the dead, dull, dark, and often yellowish skin from around them. Nourishing, boosting and hydrating them back to life.

MAKE-UP: People are booking ahead for the Jazz Weekend, even Christmas now. And remember, a professional make-up will last all night, but please don’t sleep with it on, your skin will be blocked and you’ll pay the price for weeks after.

FOR THE MEN: Men always moan that treatments and pampering are all for women... rubbish.

The barber shops are always busy for hair-cuts and beard trims, and I have clients from teenage boys to retired men.

Guys too should and do like to make an effort to look good.

Male waxing is big, while there are many men today who shape their eyebrows, file their nails, and apply fake tan. Men are doing more now than they ever did, but do remember, lads, there not very many women who likes a guy to spend more time than us in front of a mirror! But its great to see them making an effort all the same, the beauty industry is for everyone of all ages, both male and female.

Emer O’Callaghan won Irish Beauty Therapist Of The Year and works at Emerald Organic Beauty Products Ltd, trading as Emerald Beauty Clinic 021 4365949. A Multi-Award Winning Gold Standard Clinic 2008- 2022 www.emeraldbeautyclinic.ie - follow us on facebook/instagram

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