Cork women collaborate to create jewellery collection

Two West Cork businesswomen have teamed up to create a new line of jewellery, writes CHRIS DUNNE
Cork women collaborate to create jewellery collection

Martha Clarke, Cork-based astrologer and astrocartography expert.

TWO West Cork business- women have combined their talents to create a new cosmic collection range of jewellery representing the Moon, Venus, Neptune and Mercury.

“I am thrilled to have collaborated with the lovely West Cork silversmith Maura O’Connell to create a range of hand-made silver astrology jewellery,” says astrologer and astrocartography expert Martha Clarke.

“Once I moved back to the Nepturian highly creative village of Courtmacsherry, Maura effortlessly came into my life and this vision was finally birthed not long after the recent Jupiter conjunction!” says Martha.

Maura O'Connell, West Cork Casting Studio.
Maura O'Connell, West Cork Casting Studio.

Maura’s business, West Cork Casting Studio, specialises in personal family keepsakes and during lockdown in 2020 she introduced a range of personalised jewellery.

This ultimately caught Martha’s eye, and during a couple of meetings the decision for the cosmic collection was finalised.

It comprises of four pieces of astrology jewellery, the Moon, Venus, Neptune and Mercury. The symbols are represented by a small silver circle hammered out by hand to replicate the appearance of an ancient coin. Each astrology necklace comes in a gift box complete with a sliver chain and is created in Maura’s West Cork studio.

How did Martha get involved in the world of astrology?

“I’ve always been interested in it,” she says.

“I had my natal birth chart read during my divorce in 2007 and I found my life suddenly made sense. Astrology helped me see how creative I was.

Cosmic collection: Venus 
Cosmic collection: Venus 

“I started studying astrology formally in 2014 when I moved to Italy to develop my photography practice.”

However, the fates intervened.

“The universe had bigger plans for me and I became an astrologer overnight some months later,” says Martha.

“Astrology is the study of movements and positions of celestial bodies; the sun, moon and stars, to explore how they affect our lives and our decisions.

“It helps us understand better our role in the world, connect with our authentic selves and make confident decisions about the future. You can use astrology to learn more about yourself and the patterns that shape your life.”

What is the essence of astrology? “It is simply the study of our natal birth chart that gives us information and deep insights into our psyche and what each individual souls comes into this lifetime to learn and experience,” explains Martha.

“Transits then tell us what the planetary trends are for each individual in the coming months and what needs to be worked on or released.

“Astrocartography is the mapping of the planetary lines in out natal astrology chart to map these lines and help us find the most supportive plan to live and work.

“The Moon, Venus, Neptune and Mercury are the prime creative planets, hence the Cosmic collection.”

Martha continued her studies on astrology further afield.

“I then moved to the USA in 2017 to develop my practice, returning to Ireland in 2020 to deal with family matters after my mother’s death.”

Her daughter’s Ruth’s death in September, 2021, means Martha will stay in Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Cosmic Collection: Neptune 
Cosmic Collection: Neptune 

She also has a book in the offing, Venus Pluto.

“It is about the relationships with men that changed me astrologically,” says Martha.

The Cosmic collection comprises of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune. How are these planets significant?

“The Moon in our natal chart gives huge clues to our true vocation,” says Martha.

“Mercury rules communication and writing in particular. Venus is our creativity along with our value system. Neptune is our higher cosmic creativity when our creativity flows through us and not from us.

“When we are in a state of heightened Nepturian bliss, that is often when we are at our most creative.”

Martha has found her niche in life.

“I’ve used astrology in my own life to find my purpose, identify then best places to live in the world and express myself authentically, and I love supporting others in their journey towards achieving the same goals,” says Martha.

“My passion is helping people find the best place to live and express their full creativity,” she adds.

“I also love supporting people as they learn astrology for themselves.

“In my teaching and my consultations, I work with clients across the world over Zoom, using astrology sessions to help them explore the best direction for them.”

Martha, astrologer, astrocartographer and writer, helps people realise their full potential.

“In your online astrology session, I can help you identify a place where you can find fulfilment,” she says.

“I can also aid you as you work to access the fullness of your own spirituality and creativity.”

For more, see www.marthaclarkeastrology.comtarget="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer"> and

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