What was in the news 100 years ago today? 

Richard Forrest of Cork City Library looks at what was hitting the headlines a century ago today
What was in the news 100 years ago today? 

An advert from the paper, 100 years ago.

British Reply

Mr. de Valera has received a letter from Lloyd George expressing disappointment with the attitude of the Dáil towards further meetings. Wrote Mr. George, “you describe conditions for a meeting between us as though no meeting has ever yet taken place. Yet we have had three previous meetings and the proposals which I made at those were based upon a full and sympathetic consideration of the views which you expressed”.

Lloyd George added he is not interested in “haggling”. “On the contrary, my colleagues and I went to the very limit of our powers in endeavouring to reconcile British and Irish interests”. 

London accepts that Ireland should have complete control of every aspect of life within her own shores but also, that no great Irish leader of the past ever wanted a complete sundering of the connection between Britain and Ireland. 

Some keen observers of the situation believe the letters passing back and forth between Mr.de Valera and Lloyd George comprise little more than a shop window display of rhetoric. The real meaning of events is to be found between the lines.

Orange View

The Belfast Northern Whig newspaper contends that Lloyd George makes mincemeat of de Valera’s “casuistical contentions and fantastic historical travesty”. While the Belfast News- Letter says the (British) Government has passed into the valley of humiliation and gained nothing but the open contempt of the rebels.

Mental Tonic

Resumption of GAA pastimes in Munster is eagerly awaited and I have had more than one letter on the subject. A Limerick correspondent calls for immediate steps to be we taken lest we fall into the background while Leinster strides ahead. “Why not get on with the 1920 Munster final, Cork v. Limerick, originally fixed for last summer”, he writes.

“This should be played as early as possible. Think what a mental tonic a thrilling contest would be now.” He is right. I hope all counties will fall into line with the Munster Council’s determination to pick up the threads of the championships necessarily dropped last year. 

Trains are now running regularly and excursions to favourable centres can be arranged. 

A few good-spirited games will be greatly appreciated by a populace so starved of outdoor amusement for such a considerable period of time. (The match wasn’t played until April 2 nd 1922. Cork won but lost to Dublin in the All-Ireland, 4-9 to 4-3).

An advert from the paper, 100 years ago.
An advert from the paper, 100 years ago.

Lunar Inhabitants

Mr. McAfee of Stamford, Connecticut is constructing a telescope which will magnify a distant object 25,000,000 times.

The lens will be 50 feet in diameter.

It has been calculated that the telescope will bring the moon into as clear vision as if it were six feet away.

The inhabitants of the moon, if any exist, will thus be brought within handshaking distance for the first time in the history of the world.

For Sale

A Stanley Range. No. 8. Perfect condition. Price moderate

Fireproof steel office safe. £7. Kelly, 84 North Main Street

Five Rough Fox Terrier puppies. Females. Beautifully marked.

Brass cornet. Second hand. Made by Hawkes & Son, London. Superior quality. Also the case. 6 guineas or nearest offer

Silver musquash coat. In good condition. Suit a stout figure. Reasonable

Gramophones at reduced prices. £3 15s., £4 10s., £7 10s. With oak horns

A canoe strongly built. Almost new

Wanted Please

A 6 or 8 volt battery. Apply stating price and particulars

Corking machine in perfect condition. State where to be seen

Upright piano in good condition. Good price given

Quarry crane (second hand might suit). About 3 ½ tons. In very good condition. State lowest price

A baby’s highchair. Also, a go-car in good condition.

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