Jazzy’s potential: A huge superstar

I want to shine a little more light on the young Dublin singer whose song is everywhere right now, says Stevie G in his Downtown column 
Jazzy’s potential: A huge superstar

Jazzy is from Crumlin in Dublin and her rise to the top has been very swift; ‘Giving Me’ is one of the songs of the summer.

Jazzy's ‘Giving Me’ is potentially the song of the summer, and this week I want to shine a little more light on the young Dublin singer whose song is everywhere right now. You might not even know who Jazzy is, but first of all, let me tell you that she also had some of the tunes of last summer too.

Jazzy is the vocalist who has sang two of the biggest jams from Dublin dance music collective, Belters Only, who consist of DJs Bissett and Robbie G.

Last year they brought us the massive club and pop hit ‘Make Me Feel Good’, which was a huge hit at the start of the year (it was released in late 2021). It was still huge last summer, by which time they had followed it up with ‘Don’t Stop Just Yet’, also sung by Jazzy. Belters Only have gone from strength to strength, and their club and pop hits keep coming. They are the producers behind Jazzy’s debut solo hit ‘Giving Me’, and it’s another ear-worm that is gathering big momentum these last few weeks.

‘Make Me Feel Good’ was the first Irish dance track to top the charts here since ‘Maniac 2000’, and it’s great to see hardworking and talented DJs such as Bissett and Robbie making this breakthrough here and abroad. ‘Giving Me’ is another banger, or another belter if you want, and it again shows Jazzy has got that extra something that separates her from the pack. Her vocals are very soulful and remind us of the great dance divas of previous generations while at the same time sounding very current and fresh.

Jazzy is from Crumlin in Dublin and her rise to the top has been very swift. She was previously very familiar to my own radio listeners for being the voice behind ‘Do For Love’, a Tupac cover with a twist, by dublin rap group Powerful Creative Minds. This is more than a simple cover of a track that has been sampled and used many times. Indeed, the original track sampled for the Tupac tune, by the late Bobby Caldwell, is more popular than ever and has often been covered too in the last 10 years. Jazzy’s vocal introduction to the Powerful Creative Minds track is spellbinding and it really is impressive to hear everything she sings on becoming an instant classic. ‘Giving me’ is another to add to the club.

I have been playing it non-stop at every show and I’ve even done my own DJ edit (mixing it with Cheryl Lynn’s ‘Got To Be Real’ to give it a disco twist.) ‘Giving me’ is the type of club tune that everybody loves, and it’s got that soulful garage vibe that is more popular than ever in 2023.

As I mentioned, the music of Jazzy and indeed Belters Only is rooted in classic house, but like many of the other best music in 2023, it also has a modern edge. ‘Giving me’ is all over Tik-tok and other crucial platforms for current music, and Jazzy herself is doing a fantastic job of showing how a humble girl from Dublin, with Jamaican heritage, is enjoying every minute of her new found success.

You can catch Jazzy Live at the Marquee in Cork for their forthcoming One Day event on Saturday, June 24, where she will be joined by Sonny Fodera, LF System, Solardo, Jen Payne, and Dave Treacy. There’s a great clip floating around on the socials of Jazzy reacting to Sonny Fodera playing her track in Dublin at the 3Arena, so it will be great to welcome them both to Cork for this big day out.

House music has never gone away. It goes in and out of fashion like everything else, but good music always survives and Jazzy and Belters Only are making modern day classics. Dublin and Ireland are coming strong and it’s great to see. We’ve got artists who have that extra something special needed to get to the very top and it’s good to see that they are receiving more support than in previous eras.

Jazzy is potentially a huge superstar and her potential knows no limits. She has that infectious girl next door personality that people love, and she’s down to earth and extremely likeable and talented. You better be ready cause “step by step she’s moving in” and this only the beginning!

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