Quiet Lights Festival welcomes Rozi Plains, Bringing A Song Back Home!

Rozi Plains looks forward to Quiet Lights fesival, she tells Ronan Leonard and Downtown
Quiet Lights Festival welcomes Rozi Plains, Bringing A Song Back Home!

“I used to come to Ballydehob every summer with my family, I’m always keen to go back and I’m lucky the people in Levis, De Barras like to have me - and Quiet Lights too!,” Rozi Plain, the closing act at this year’s Quiet Lights Festival, has a long standing connection to Cork. Performing her own solo material under her own name, she is also a member of ‘This Is The Kit’ and a regular collaborator with other musicians, she recalls her first gig in Cork as an unexpected one, “I was there with This Is The Kit, and the support band cancelled at short notice, so I stepped in. The promoter said that he'd be really pleased to put on a show of my own if we came back and I’ve been coming back ever since.”

She and her band made the most of their last visit to Cork, “we played the Quarter Block Party a few years ago, we had a day off the next day so we stayed in Cork. It was mad in a great way, really spectacularly fun energy. In fact ‘The Gap’ one of the songs on my new album, the first place it was ever played live was there. It’s changed since then and you’ll hear that at the concert in Coughlans. It’s nice to be bringing that song back when it’s all grown up!”

Speaking of “growing up” Rozi is delighted to be able to catch one of the other acts on Quiet Light’s programme, “I feel like each time we come to Ireland, we see Anna Mieke somewhere one way or another and she's amazing. It's been really nice to see her develop. I feel like when I first saw her play, she was really new to playing live, not that she was new to her instrument but to performing, and it's really brilliant to see her becoming so much more confident and doing it. I don't want it to sound patronising when I say that, I feel lucky to have seen a really early show with her and I'm really inspired by her watching her sort of develop as an artist. We were just playing at this festival in Cornwall in the summer and her brother was on a cycling trip and came to the festival and gave me her new album!”

Rozi Plains plays the closing party of Quiet Lights Festival in Coughlans on Sunday, November 24, at 8pm. Tickets and further information can be found at www.quietlights.net

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