Natalie and Colm are Cork Sculling Ladder time trial champs!

49th Cork Sculling Ladder time trial at The Marina was a great event, with 146 scullers competing
Natalie and Colm are Cork Sculling Ladder time trial champs!

49th Cork Sculling Ladder time trial winners Natalie Long of Lee Valley RC and Colm Hennessy of Shandon BC, with event organiser Pat Hickey.

It was terrific to once again see the hustle and bustle of rowing activity at The Marina on Saturday last, the occasion being the Cork Sculling Ladder competition.

Having been postponed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this was at last an opportunity for individual scullers to go up against each other in a competition that has traditionally kept Cork rowers warm across the autumn and winter months.

This was the 49th Cork Sculling Ladder time trial, sponsored by Argos Fire, across a 1800 metre course from the grotto in Blackrock Village to the old regatta finish mark, which is located between Lee Rowing Club and Shandon Boat Club.

And it threw up some competitive racing between former winners and advancing scullers who are newer to the sport.

Colm Hennessy of Shandon Boat Club emerged as the fastest across the course to take victory in the Cork Sculling Ladder time trial. And it was Colm’s second time having done so, having won the time trial and the overall Cork Sculling Ladder in the 2013/2014 season. His time was 6:34.1.

Stephen O’Sullivan, also of Shandon Boat Club, was second in a time of 6:43.1, while former Cork Sculling Ladder and Dublin Sculling Ladder winner Albert Maher of Commercial RC was third in 6:45.3.

Natalie Long of Lee Valley Rowing Club also won the Cork Sculling Ladder time trial on Saturday in a time of 7:24.0, ahead of 2019-2020 winner Jessica Legresley of Shandon Boat Club in a time of 7:32.6, followed by Aine O’Mahony of Fermoy Rowing Club in third in a time of 7:48.4.

In total 146 scullers competed and it was great to see so many at The Marina, including some familiar faces from Cork Sculling Ladder events. Among them was octogenarian Seamus Quain, who has competed in the most Cork Sculling Ladders since its inception in 1971, and all scullers were delighted to get back on the water and compete.

It is now hoped to host the 50th Cork Sculling Ladder in late September or early October, and with luck this will happen and the competition will run until the following spring.

All at the Cork Sculling Ladder congratulate former winners of the Cork Sculling Ladder — Ronan Byrne (UCC Rowing Club), winner of the 2014/15 and 2015/16 (Shandon Boat Club) and 2016/17 (UCC Rowing Club) Cork Sculling Ladder, and Margaret Cremen (UCC Rowing Club), winner in 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 (Lee Rowing Club) — and wish them well at the Olympic Games in Japan, as well as the other members of the Irish Olympic rowing team.


Men: 1. Colm Hennessy, Shandon BC, 6:34.1; 2. Stephen O’Sullivan, Shandon BC, 6:43.1; 3. Albert Maher, Commercial RC, 6:45.3; 4. Ciaran O’Sullivan, Lee RC, 6:48.3; 5. Ciaran Brady, Shandon BC, 6:51.2; 6. Donnacha Keeley, Clonmel BC, 6:51.3; 7 James Young, Cork BC, 6:52.5; 8. Rory Buckley, Shandon BC, 7:05.4; 9 Rob Diffley, Shandon BC, 7:05.4; 10 Sam Crean, Cork BC, 7:05.6; 11. John Casey, Kenmare BC, 7:06.8, 12. Gavin O’Flaherty, Shandon BC, 7:07.0.

Women: 1. Natalie Long, Lee Valley RC, 7:24.0; 2. Jessica Legresley, Shandon BC, 7:32.6; 3. Aine O’Mahony, Fermoy RC, 7:48.4; 4. Roisin Merz, Shandon BC, 7:50.4.

Winners :-

Men: Colm Hennessy, Shandon BC

Women: Natalie Long, Lee Valley RC

Section winners:-

MO: Colm Hennessy, Shandon BC, 6:34.1

MII: Stephen O’Sullivan, Shandon BC, 6;43.1

MCI: Ciaran Brady, Shandon BC, 6:51.2

MC2: Rob Diffley, Shandon BC, 7:05.4

MJ18: Ciaran O’Sullivan, Lee RC, 6:48.5

MJ17: David Ross – Chu, Shandon BC, 7:16.1

MJ16: James Young, Cork BC, 6:52.5

MJ15: Ronan Murray, Shandon BC, 7:31.3

MJ14: Fionn Mowlds, Shandon BC, 8:18.3

MJ13: Frank Maher, Commercial RC, 9:31.9

MMA: Jamie Byrne, Cork BC, 7:58.8

MMB: John Casey, Kenmare R & BC, 7:06.8

MMC: Albert Maher, Commercial RC, 6:45.3

MMD: Jim Breen, Galway RC, 7:28.8

MME: John O’Neill, Shandon BC, 7:37.1

MMF: Michael Caplice, Shandon BC, 9:20.9

MMG: James Conroy, AN Other BC, 13:08.5

MMH: Peter Crowley, Shandon BC, 9:34.3

MMI: Tony Corcoran, Lee Valley RC, 8:34.8

MMK: Seamus Quain, AN Other BC, 13:03.5

WO: Selma Bovanane, UCC RC, 8:01.8

WI: Aine O’Mahony, Fermoy RC, 7:48.4

WC2: Danielle Sheehan, Lee RC, 8:21.0

WJ18: Shauna Kelleher, Fermoy RC, 8:14.8

WJ16: Kate Reidy, Lee RC, 7:52.5

WJ15: Louise Forrester, Shandon BC, 8:00.9

WJ14: Eimear O’Flaherty, Lee RC, 8:09.4

WJ13: Roisin O’Donovan, Lee Valley RC, 9:17.4

WMA: Natalie Long, Lee Valley RC, 7:24.0

WMB: Jessica Legresley, Shandon BC, 7:32.6

WMC: Susan Maher, Commercial RC, 8:43.3

WMD: Sally Cudmore, Lee RC, 8:19.1

WME: Liz Buckley, Lee RC, 10:24.9

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