Cork sailing: New insurance rules seem set to impact inter-club racing

Cork sailing: New insurance rules seem set to impact inter-club racing
Laser dinghies in Cork Harbour against a backdrop of the town of Cobh and Spike Island. Picture: David Creedon/Anzenberger

INTER-CLUB racing could be affected by new clauses appearing on insurance renewals as companies increase the cost of keeping a yacht racing.

I was told by an insurance brokerage that “rather than bundling all racing into one category there is a move by insurance companies to differentiate between those that race in their own club races only as those boats are deemed to be less competitive.”

They would pay less than a boatowner who wants to race in other clubs’ events. Agreeing to that would exclude owners’ boats from any league or regatta racing other than in their own clubs.

It would affect the Cork Harbour clubs’ combined summer league, the Cobh/Blackrock annual race unless a boat owner was a member of the organising club, Cove SC; Cork Week and Sovereigns Week. Also affected could be Calves Week and racing at Glandore Traditional Boats, though those are cancelled this year,

To continue inter-club racing, owners are being told by some companies that they will have to pay more. Restrictions have also been sought on racing beyond the end of September which would involve extra premium charges and changes in premium excess arrangements. At the start of the season it could also be more costly to race in April.

“All clients have seen their premiums increase this year,” another broker told me. “The reason for the increase is that the last few years, 2017 in particular, have seen some very significant disruption in the marine insurance market with successive years of severe losses coupled with premium income failing to meet the rising cost of claims.

“This resulted in some underwriters withdrawing from the marine sector altogether. A hardening and contracting market points to predictable increases in premiums. Highest risk, perceived or otherwise, may find it difficult to arrange cover or be faced with restricted terms and higher excesses.”

JAP IS BACK: The restored Cork Harbour One Design ‘Jap’ is back at the Royal Cork Yacht Club in celebration of the club’s 300th year. The 1895-built boat, C4, was trailed to Crosshaven after years based in the south of England. Donated by her owner to the RCYC, it is expected to sail in Cork this season.

TWO IRISH SOLOERS IN FRENCH RACE: Two Irish solo sailors entered the French Solo Maitre Coq offshore race which started yesterday. It has two coastal races and a two-day offshore race. Tom Dolan from Co Meath and Kenny Rumball of Dun Laoghaire Harbour in Dublin are going head-to-head in this Figaro3 Solo race.

With a fleet of 30 boats it is the season starter that will ultimately see both compete in the gruelling Figaro race which has been rescheduled for this September.

WOMEN TO GO AHEAD AT THE HELM: The National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire, has confirmed Irish Sailing’s ‘Women at the Helm National Regatta’ will go ahead on August 29/30. The event aims to increase women’s participation in sailing. ‘Expression of interest registration’ is open. The Notice of Race will be available shortly.

44 ENTRIES NOW FOR ROUND IRELAND: Forty-four yachts are now entered for the Round Ireland Race in August. They include five of the new Jeanneau Sunfast 3,600s which are described as “pocket-rockets.”

The biennial 700-mile offshore race was postponed until August 22, because of the Covid 19 pandemic.

NO HISTORIC RE-ENACTMENT: The historic re-enactment of the ‘Kingstown to Queenstown’ race of 1860, (Dun Laoghaire to Cobh), described as “the first proper offshore event in Irish and British waters” has been cancelled due to Covid 19. Cove Sailing Club and the National Yacht Club in Dun Laoghaire were the organisers. It has been postponed until July 7, 2022. That will tie-in with Cork Week postponed from this summer until July 11, 2022.

KINSALE OPEN KEELBOAT REGATTA: Kinsale YC has scheduled a One Design Regatta for Dragons & Squibs for the August Bank Holiday, August 1 and 2.

Six races are scheduled over two days, racing outside Kinsale Harbour.

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