Nash’s Boreen residents join dumping fight

Nash’s Boreen residents join dumping fight
Rubbish dumped at Nash's Boreen recently

GARDAÍ have called on the local residents of Nash’s Boreen to help them gather evidence on suspected dumpers who are throwing their rubbish around the picturesque area.

Acting Superintendent Gary McPolin encouraged local residents to record license plate numbers of suspected dumpers and use their camera phones to record evidence.

“The illegal dumping could be done by anyone, but it is the local families who are picking it up and 24 hours later, there is more rubbish dumped again.

“It is completely unacceptable.“ Acting Superintendent McPolin said Nash’s Boreen is the most beautiful walk on the North side of the city and the dumping is affecting the area’s scenery.

“To dump domestic waste, beds, bicycles, nappies, it is a health hazard, it’s an eyesore and what people dump is just beyond belief.” The Gurranabraher guard said the issue was being treated very seriously.

“We are really looking at it and I can tell you there will be no discretion, it will be costly. Zero tolerance.” The acting super said the facilities and amenities available to people in the city and county made it completely unnecessary to be dumping rubbish on back roads.

“The city and county council have provided environmental parks. It is just a few euro to dump all your domestic waste, dump all your electrical waste, what more can they provide?

“Most people in the city have to employ private companies and they are competitive and reliable “There is no excuse for anyone dumping rubbish now.” Speaking about Nash’s Boreen, acting Superintendent McPolin said at the moment there is another issue affecting the area.

“The road has become a rat run for young fellas in company cars (scrap cars) and scrambler bikes and all that.

“I would warn residents, pedestrians and people using that road to be mindful and take care using it in this moment in time.”

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