Franc’s back with ‘Say Yes To The Dress’

Franc’s back with ‘Say Yes To The Dress’
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CORK’S own Peter Kelly, better known as celebrity wedding planner Franc, will front the Irish spin-off of a popular US TV show Say Yes To The Dress.

The show will be filmed in Cork, at bridal store Vows in Blarney Business Park, over the next two months. Franc, who found TV fame with RTÉ’s Brides of Franc, has years of experience travelling with brides at home and abroad helping them to find their dream dress.

“It’s really exciting, I’m so delighted I’ll be working out of Cork as well, which is brilliant.”

Just back from attending the World Wedding Conference in Thailand, Franc is looking forward to presenting the new show.

The TV series originated in the US and was filmed in Kleinfeld Bridal, a store Franc often visited. He remembers the store owners asking his advice about participating in the show before they started filming.

“They knew I had done TV and were asking me about it at the time. It’s funny, I was a fan of the store before they even started doing Say Yes To The Dress and it’s come full circle now, I’ll be doing Say Yes To The Dress at this side of the pond.”

Thousands of people have applied to participate in the show.

“I know that we’ve got families flying in from America for the show, all sorts of characters and couples who are looking for the perfect dress. Finding the dress is always exciting; I travel a lot with a lot of brides and when you see a bride find a dress it’s like she’s finding herself.”

He said it’s an emotional day to be a part of.

“It’s like seeing into their soul, when they find that perfect dress and you’re seeing so much of their personality and character.”

Franc and his crew will film the 10-part reality series for RTÉ2 and Franc says he has plenty to offer viewers and brides.

“I’ll bring myself, my personality and 20 years of experience shopping with brides and my work with designers. It’s about personality and emotions and one of my talents is connecting with people from any background and I love seeing, feeling and sensing what the brides like and dislike and I’m very much looking forward to being part of the journey as well.”

Franc said Vows in Blarney business Park is a large store with fantastic facilities — air conditioning in changing rooms, thousands of dresses and new brands coming into stock this year.

Hundreds of people have applied to star in the show. Applications were whittled down to 40 brides. The show will see them find the perfect dress - with the help of Franc - which also needs to meet the approval of the bride’s family and friends.

The series will premiere later this year.

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