Shock at open heroin use: Former Lord Mayor spotted user in City Hall car park

Shock at open heroin use: Former Lord Mayor spotted user in City Hall car park

AN ex-Lord Mayor was left shook after witnessing a drug user heat up heroin in the City Hall’s car park.

Cllr Des Cahill. Picture: Eddie O'Hare
Cllr Des Cahill. Picture: Eddie O'Hare

It was just 11am when Des Cahill noticed suspicious activity in the stairwell area. On closer inspection, he realised the man was preparing a heroin fix. He alerted car park security to the incident who promptly dealt with the situation.

The councillor said it is regrettable that drug use is creeping into daily life in Cork and presenting a public hazard.

“As a former member of the drugs task force, I have a huge level of sympathy for people with addictions,” he said. “It destroys so many lives and families. I’m sure this person never imagined himself heating up heroin in a stairwell in full view of people on their way to work.

“My heart goes out to that gentleman. His behaviour wasn’t aggressive or intimidating. Nonetheless, I also have a responsibility to the public who he is putting at risk.

“My concern isn’t just about improving the view of the city, there is also a public safety element to this. Unfortunately, drug use has become part of modern life in Cork. The resulting hazardous waste is posing a threat to the public.”

Mr Cahill hopes an increase in gardaí numbers will ease the problem. “They are doing everything they can but there is an under-resourcing issue. I would love to see more recruited to get a handle on this problem but these things take time.”

He also emphasised the damage open drug use could be having on our city’s image. “On another occasion, I spotted a couple preparing heroin close to Oliver Plunkett Street at the very moment 30 US tourists just off a cruise ship walked through.”

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