Firefighters cut Jack out of potty problem

Firefighters cut Jack out of potty problem

Three-year-old Jack Lynch from Midleton who got his head stuck in a toilet training seat.

A THREE-year-old mischief-maker found himself stuck with a potty seat on his head after a trip to the toilet went awry.

Caroline Lynch said she had just brought her son Jack home from preschool and was in the kitchen when she heard him calling her from the bathroom saying he was stuck.

The Midleton mother-of-three said she was used to her three-year-old getting into mischief and thought nothing of it at first.

“I just thought it was going to come off,” Caroline said. “So I grabbed the phone to take a picture of him because I said I am going to want to remember this. Then we started to try to get the seat off and it wasn’t coming off, simple as that.”

Caroline said that she tried using water and oil as a lubricant to ease the seat off Jack’s head but it wouldn’t budge.

“I really don’t know how he got it on, the mind boggles,” Caroline said.

“He was wearing it as a necklace and at that stage, he was as proud as punch, he had achieved something. He was happy out.”

Caroline got a large scissors and tried to cut the plastic, but without success.

“We rang the Cork City Fire Brigade asking could they help us.”

Caroline and Jack then went to Ballyvolane Fire Station to get the toilet seat removed.

“Out we went to Ballyvolane feeling like a numpty with the child. I met a fireman and he said ‘are you looking for someone?’ and I said ‘no I just have a child in my car with a toilet seat stuck on his head’ and he started laughing.”

The Midleton mother said the firefighters had never seen anything like it before.

Caroline said that the fire service was absolutely fantastic. “I never had to deal with the fire service before. They went above and beyond to help us.”

Two firefighters took off the toilet seat by holding it at the back of Jack’s head and cutting it with a large sharp pliers while the other members kept Jack occupied.

“There were about ten of them there in total,” Caroline said, “Chatting away and having a bit of banter and there was no rush to leave.

“Jack came away saying he had met a real-life hero because Jack is obsessed with Fireman Sam.”

Caroline said she wanted to highlight her story and the great work of the fire service to make sure they got the credit they deserve.

“They really are fantastic and I don’t feel they get the credit they deserve and I just wanted to give them a shout out,” she said.

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