Taxi drivers want a rank in Ballincollig

Taxi drivers want a rank in Ballincollig
Main Street, BallincolligPicture: Eddie O'Hare

BALLINCOLLIG’S taxi drivers want a rank to be installed in the town, so commuters can find them.

Currently, taxi drivers in the new city area have nowhere to officially park and they are moved on by parking officials when they set down in the town.

Councillor Colm Kelleher said other towns in the city and county have taxi ranks, designated areas where people can access them.

“I’ve had a few local taxi drivers come to me and they’ve been highlighting a need for one. There is one in Douglas and one in Carrigaline.

“We have a brilliant bus service, but the taxi drivers have no rank where people can find them. On Main Street, at the back of Starbucks, there are three spaces there and that could be ideal.

“The infrastructure is already there and all the council would have to do is put up a sign.

“On any given day, you have six cars operating around the village during the day time and there are about 15 cabs based in Ballincollig altogether. You could have some of them parked by Tesco or the bank, if they can get a space, and even at that, the traffic warden moves them on after an hour.

“It is an issue and we need a single point where people in the village, including tourists and people unfamiliar with the area, can find a taxi easily.

“The taxi drivers also need a place where they can go without being asked to move on.

“Ballincollig is now part of the city and it needs a rank,” Mr Kelleher added.

Ballincollig’s transfer to the jurisdiction took place in May, after a concerted effort by locals to keep it in the county fell on deaf ears. One of the fears for the town was that the new local authority would introduce paid parking.

Mr Kelleher said he has spoken with the council and there are no current plans to introduce paid parking in Ballincollig, but warned that traffic wardens were enforcing parking time limits around the town.

“It would be a huge issue for the businesses and traders, if paid parking came in. City council is not going to proceed with paid parking in the town and they have given that commitment,” Mr Kelleher added.

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