Cork lifeguards to give demonstrations to the public at Cork beaches tomorrow

Cork lifeguards to give demonstrations to the public at Cork beaches tomorrow
Senior Lifeguard, James O'Mahony on duty on Fountainstown beach earlier this month. Picture: Jim Coughlan.

Beachgoers in Cork can enjoy demonstrations from lifeguards tomorrow as they host an educational day at patrolled beaches across the county.

The aim of the informative day is to give children, and adults an opportunity to interact and learn with the lifeguards.

Events will be taking place at Front Strand, Youghal, Claycastle, Redbarn and Garryvoe beaches.

There will also be activities ongoing at Fountainstown, Garrylucas, Garretstown, Inchydoney, Owenahincha, The Warren, Tragumna and Barleycove.

The lifeguards will be hosting educational discussions, interactive games, and fun competitions. All focused on being safe in and around the water.

This is part of Cork County Council’s community development efforts to promote drowning prevention and to ensure everyone has a positive experience at Cork’s beautiful beaches.

Front Strand, Youghal 

12 noon – 12:30 for Children 

  • How to Throw a Ringbuoy Demonstration 
  • Information talk about Jellyfish and Weaverfish 
  • Hazards in the open water Games 

12:30 – 13:00 for Teenagers/Young Adults 

  • Day in the Life of a Lifeguard 
  • How to become a Lifeguard 
  • Display of Rescue Equipment 

13:00 – 13:30 Q&A for All Colouring and Sand Castle Competition 


Lifeguard will be providing an information stand at the Pride by the Sea festival. This will take place between 3pm and 6pm on the beach by the wheelchair access.


Lifeguards will go through the Beach Safety Leaflet with attendees at the Station. These informative leaflets cover all general water safety and beach information for kids. Lifeguards will explain how all the rescue equipment is used. To finish, Lifeguards are planning a variety of games. Such as Water Safety Orienteering & ‘Ship, Sea, Shore’ to familiarise the children with the beach, equipment, and instructions lifeguards may give them.


Lifeguards at Fountainstown Beach are hosting a combination of beach safety talks, demonstrations, and games! Games will include orienteering, beach flag races, ringbouy relays, and ringbouy darts. Lifeguards will demonstrate how to perform CPR.


Lifeguards will teach about water safety skills and Basic Life Support. This will take place between 12pm and 1pm. Lifeguards will demonstrate how to throw a ringbuoy, teach how to identify rip currents, explain the dangers of using inflatables on open water, discuss sea life and the tides, recommend what to do if you get lost at the beach!

Garrettstown Lifeguards will host their Educational Day the following week.


The Lifeguard will host presentations in the Amphitheatre during the day. These talks will include water safety information and simulated rescues, for example, how to rescue someone with a ringbuoy. These are in conjunction with the water safety talks that take place each Sunday morning in Inchydoney Hotel.


Lifeguards at the Station will describe the day in a life of a Beach Lifeguard, explain the flag system used on our patrolled beaches, discuss the types of waves and dangers related, explain how to identify and escape rip currents. Lifeguards will demonstrate how to throw a ringbuoy and demonstrate CPR.

The Warren 

Lifeguards will provide safety talks on different aspects of the beach, demonstrate rescues with their equipment, and host ringbuoy games!


From 11am until 1pm, Lifeguards will teach attendees about the duties of a Beach Lifeguard and how to throw a ringbuoy. Also, lifeguards will provide a demonstration of CPR.


The Education Day will take place between 11am and 1pm at the Lifeguard Station. Lifeguards will provide safety talks, beach and nature information, games and more; suitable for all ages!”

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