'A constant issue': Call for action as Tarry Path hit by more illegal dumping

'A constant issue': Call for action as Tarry Path hit by more illegal dumping
Dumping in the Tarry Path area.

A RESIDENTIAL area of Mayfield which has become a haven for dumping has been targeted again in recent days, with household rubbish including cans and bottles being dumped in the area known as the Tarry Path.

Local Fine Gael councillor Joe Kavanagh has contacted the Waste Management section of Cork City Council to notify them, but said the focus needs to also be on finding out who is doing the dumping.

He said his correspondence to the council called for “necessary action to be taken against the people who are dumping this rubbish in this and surrounding areas”.

The right of way and a green area adjacent to it, which runs along a walk known locally as the Tarry Path, has become a target for fly-tipping in recent years.

It runs between Glenamoy Lawn and Avonmore Park.

Dumping in the Tarry Path area.
Dumping in the Tarry Path area.

“It is a constant issue, and is one I am working with Cork City Council to try to resolve,” said Mr Kavanagh.

“It is a small percentage of people who are doing this on a constant basis and my sympathy is with the residents who try to keep their community clean.

“This is a minority who are making the lives of other people miserable.”

Mr Kavanagh said that the fact that the dumping is taking place in a residential area is a concern because of the fear of rats, and the danger posed to young children playing in the area.

“It creates an unhygienic environment for the local community,” said Mr Kavanagh.

“He said he put a motion before Cork City Council a year ago to have the area grassed and landscaped. The proposal was accepted by the council, but there was no funding available for it since.

He believes that such a measure would help prevent the area from being targeted by fly-tippers. He is also hoping that the council’s move to provide infill housing in Avonmore Park could help stop people walking through the area, and possibly reduce the amount of dumping.

However, he said that dumping is at epidemic proportions across Cork City, and is not just confined to the Tarry Path area. He added: “It is an issue that needs to be addressed, as it is an issue that will continue.”

He said however that Cork City Council is committed to aggressively tackling the issue of fly-tipping.

“This is an issue I am very passionate about,” he said.

He pointed to the local pride in Mayfield through the work in keeping public areas tidy by Mayfield and St Luke’s Tidy Towns committee.

“Most people are great, and it is only a small number doing the dumping, but they need to be held to account.”

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