Cork pharmacy donates €10k to Mercy for protective equipement and iPads for patients

Cork pharmacy donates €10k to Mercy for protective equipement and iPads for patients
Conor Phelan beside his pharmacy on the Grand Parade, Cork. /Picture: Denis Scannell

THE owners of a Cork pharmacy chain have donated €10,000 to the Mercy University Hospital Foundation in a bid to help those fighting the Covid-19 virus.

Owners of Phelans Pharmacy, Conor and Denise Phelan, donated the generous sum of money to the hospital which is fundraising for the purchase of equipment, food supplies and psychological support for staff members.

The money donated by Phelans Pharmacy is being used to buy iPads and antimicrobial covers for Covid-19 patients who are in isolation while being treated at the hospital.

Covid-19 patients in isolation will be able to contact loved ones who they otherwise will not see until they have recovered from the virus.

Director of Phelans Pharmacy, Conor Phelan, said that the donation toward the iPads will help people recovering in hospital regain a sense of normality in contacting their loved ones.

“Any contact they do have is behind masks and gloves and a person with protective equipment so it's not very human in nature.

“It’s completely abnormal for them so it's nice that people who are very ill and want to talk to the family now have an opportunity to do so.” He said that Phelans pharmacies across Cork are operating as usual but the lack of front of shop sales has slowed business.

“It varies depending on locations. Our city centre locations would be quiet, but our suburban dispensing business would be quite busy but of course we wouldn't have any front of shop sales so overall we would be quieter at the moment than usual.

“We’re still operating as normal and our opening hours are restricted a little but we’re still working as normal as we can in this situation,” he said.

Apple HQ in Hollyhill has also donated earphones to be used alongside the iPads so that each patient can keep their own set.

The Mercy Hospital Foundation continues to look for funds in order to help in the fight against Covid-19. To donate visit

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