Some Cork students charged for deep cleaning of apartments due to lockdown limitations

Some Cork students charged for deep cleaning of apartments due to lockdown limitations

SOME West Cork students have been charged for deep cleaning in their student accommodation due to the lockdown limitations that prevented them from legally returning before the end of their contracts.

Speaking to The Echo, Threshold’s assistant manager of the tenancy protection service Regina Baylor, said she had cases where students went home for the weekend and suddenly they were in lockdown and couldn’t return.

Ms Baylor said the students were then being charged for cleaning out fridges that may have had out of date food and bedrooms that were only intended to be vacant for a weekend.

“There could be agents going in there now finding things in the fridge from the 1st of March. There would be cases where they have to get things professionally cleaned.” 

However, the National Housing Charity manager said that tenants should not have to empty their rented accommodation until the end date of their lease and therefore should still have full access to their rented homes until the end of the college terms.

“May 25, I think is when UCC closes and by right students are entitled to be on the property until then. By then the restrictions could have been lifted to allow people the chance to go and pick up their things and clean up and take photos.

“Most students are paid up until May 25, companies shouldn’t even be thinking of letting out the rooms until after that date, the rooms are paid for, they can’t rent them out twice.” 

Ms Baylor also said that she was also getting queries in relation to retrieving deposits.

“The deposit won’t be handed back until the keys are handed over and the tenancy has ended,” Ms Baylor advised.

In terms of students beyond the 5km radius looking to get their belongings out of their rented accommodation, Ms Baylor advised them to post a key to a friend living in the area who could collect on their behalf.

“If they don’t have friends living locally, they can ask the agent to put it in storage but there will be a charge for that,” Ms Baylor said.

“Their things can’t be thrown out.” The Threshold agent said that everyone has a different story and the best thing to do if you are experiencing difficulty with your housing situation was to contact Threshold.

Ms Baylor encouraged students to email the housing body at with a copy of their rental agreement in order to allow them to scan it for clauses that may help their situation.

“Any issue, call us on our national freephone 1800 454 454 or the Cork office; 021-4278848.”

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