Cork village plagued by bad smells: 'It is absolutely appalling'

Cork village plagued by bad smells: 'It is absolutely appalling'

A CORK village has been plagued by bad smells, a meeting of Cork County Council has heard.

The issue of foul odours in Belgooly was raised at County Hall by local representatives.

Fine Gael Councillor Kevin Murphy insisted it was a health concern for local people, who were forced to endure an ongoing stench from a treatment plant in the village.

“There are two plants there, but one, in particular, is causing immense trouble. 

"The odours emanating from it are disgusting. I don’t know how the residents can stick that smell, it is absolutely appalling.” 

Mr Murphy said that 60 residents signed a petition and were on to Irish Water already but the utility company told locals the plant was functioning correctly. 

“If it is working, it must be overcapacity, because the odours coming from it are a health issue," said Mr Murphy. 

Cllr Kevin Murphy
Cllr Kevin Murphy

"On their behalf, I think they should not have to put up with this.

"It is to me, a health issue that should be investigated.

"As a council, we have a duty, and I have a duty, to have it investigated.” 

Mr Murphy insisted the treatment plant is malfunctioning or overflowing.

Independent Councillor Ben Dalton O’Sullivan supported the call and said the Environmental Protection Agency had agreed the treatment plant is not up to standard.

“It is a horrendous smell, it really is.” 

Mayor Mary Linehan Foley said the councillors' sentiments would be passed on to Irish Water.

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