Flooding issue at Cork's Atlantic Pond to be resolved later this week

Flooding issue at Cork's Atlantic Pond to be resolved later this week

Flooding on the pathways around the Atlantic Pond has been a problem in recent weeks, making the public amenity difficult to access. Picture: Larry Cummins

The current flooding issue at Cork's Atlantic Pond is set to be resolved later this week, Cork City Council has said.

A broken tidal gate, which is supposed to prevent salt water entering the pond, has been broken for weeks causing flooding at the popular city amenity.

Cork City Council said it is currently working on the repair of a pair of "large diameter iron non-return flap valves" located at the quay wall on the Marina near the Atlantic Pond.

"Following an underwater inspection by our specialist marine contractor, involving a sub-aqua dive team, with additional surface support from Cork City Council drainage crews, it emerged that significant repairs were required to both valves," the council said. 

The first phase of the repairs involving the "bespoke refabrication and replacement of the hinging mechanism to the inner valve" is almost finished, with reinstallation of the valve scheduled to be completed by Wednesday.

"This will end the current flooding of the Atlantic Pond’s walkways and grass areas," city council stated.

The second phase of repair works will be carried out in partnership with specialist marine contractors.

It will involve buying and installing a new valve, as well as the replacement of a section of corroded underwater pipework and localised quaywall repairs, the local authority said.

"This phase of the works is intended to provide the necessary redundancy in the valving, to mitigate against similar future issues," city council said. 

The cost of the works is estimated to be between €30,000 and €50,000 and Cork City Council has applied to central government for emergency funding, Independent councillor Kieran McCarthy told The Echo last week. 

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