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Malfunction leads to ‘poor air quality’ warning in Cork

Air quality monitoring equipment malfunctioned in Cork this morning causing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to issue a ‘poor air quality’ advisory in the region.

The EPA said that in Ireland, levels of ground-level ozone rarely reach poor or very poor.

However, the EPA tweeted this morning that air quality in the Cork region was particularly poor compared to other regions, after monitoring equipment at the South Link Road malfunctioned.

A spokesperson for the EPA said this afternoon that Cork City Council informed the organisation that the Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) monitor at Cork South Link Road malfunctioned.

“It produced an erroneous value today which sent the Air Quality Index for Health (AQIH) to read ‘Poor’ for Cork, incorrectly.

“The malfunctioning instrument has been removed for repair,” she added.

In the event of the air quality being correctly read as poor or very poor, older people and those with heart and lung conditions are advised to avoid physical exertion.

People with asthma are also warned that they may need to use their inhaler medication more in such circumstances.

The EPA also states that athletes may find they cannot perform as well as they might expect when air quality is poor.

People are also advised that in such circumstances, they may notice some discomfort in the chest area when breathing deeply.