Watch what you put down the loo! And choose bamboo...

We continue our monthly column, by our Green Ambassadors, Oscar and Noah Wilson, from East Cork. Today Oscar writes about the little things you can do to help our planet — in the bathroom
Watch what you put down the loo! And choose bamboo...
Oscar and Noah Wilson who are writing a monthly column about their environmental efforts in Kidz Zone. Here they are using their bamboo tooth brushes. Picture: Dan Linehan

THE little things you can do to help our planet may be small. In some ways, they’re barely recognisable as help — but everything you do, big or small, does matter.

Here, look at it this way. You’re knocking down a wall. You can only do it piece by piece and every minute piece matters. That’s how it gets done. You’re probably flabbergasted thinking “what is he going on about with this wall nonsense?” If that’s you scratching your head that’s ok. Here are some ways to help in the bathroom:

1. Use a bamboo toothbrush (careful a panda might try to steal it). I use one because it reduces my carbon footprint caused by single use plastic.

2. Use a shower timer to take short showers (don’t waste water and electricity, save on your bills!).

3. Turn the tap off while you’re brushing your teeth (again don’t waste water and electricity).

4. Try not to use baby wipes (they might be so soft and useful, but if they’re flushed, they become a problem).

The three “p”s — flushing do’s and don’ts

A poem ish by Oscar Wilson

We all know the do and don’ts of the porcelain pot

Like poo and pee ya we know the lot

But when we flush down baby wipes yikes! They don’t biodegrade

Toilet paper (easy peasy it has toilet in its name!)

So that’s the do’s and don’ts of the chamber pot

Now the ones I did not add

Were things you most defiantly shouldn’t not flush

Like your mom and your dad!

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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