Recipe: The sourdough loaf recipe you won't be able to live without

James Morton's rustique recipe will likely become a lockdown favourite, says Ella Walker.
Recipe: The sourdough loaf recipe you won't be able to live without
Pave rustique from Super Sourdough by James Morton. Picture: Andy Sewell/PA.

One very understandable response to the pandemic-induced lockdown has been to turn to baking. And amongst the myriad banana breads, cheese scones and chocolate brownies we've been churning out, a subset of new enthusiasts has risen up, devoted entirely to the very serious business of making of sourdough.

Butter-slathered, supermarket sliced is all very well, but a crisp-crusted sourdough loaf you coaxed into life from just a handful of flour, a little water and natural yeast captured floating in the air (which together make your sourdough starter), is something else altogether.

In fact, caring for a sourdough starter can swiftly become the main focal point of lockdown life. But once your starter is established, well fed and bubbling happily like a live, beige Tamagotchi, where do you go from there? It's easy to forget bread is in fact the end goal.

This is when you pick up Super Sourdough by former Great British Bake Off contestant and NHS doctor James Morton. His pave rustique will see you through...

How to make a pave rustique from Super Sourdough by James Morton 

James Morton.
James Morton.

Ingredients: (Makes 2 small loaves)

100g rye (or white) sourdough starter (if you don't have one you've made yourself, you can buy them online - just look for a reputable bakery or baker) 

400g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting 

50g wholemeal flour 

330g tepid-warm water 

10g table salt Semolina, for dusting 


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