No shortage of ‘Get up’ and go for Cork singer-songwriter

EMMA CONNOLLY catches up with Cork singer-songwriters Roisin Doyle, from Rochestown, who is waiting in the wings with new songs to record
No shortage of ‘Get up’ and go for Cork singer-songwriter

Singer Roisin Doyle. Picture: Jason Miller

AN up and coming Cork singer/songwriter once wrote an entire song on the back of a receipt in the grocery shop where she works part time.

When inspiration strikes, Roisin Doyle seizes it, and it’s an approach that’s working really well for her.

The 24-year-old from Rochestown was signed to a London record label a few years back after they spotted her singing on her Instagram account. Since then she’s recorded her debut single Get Up, along with three others.

Singer Roisin Doyle. Picture: Jason Miller
Singer Roisin Doyle. Picture: Jason Miller

And while Covid has delayed her plans, she is waiting in the wings with four more songs ready to record when restrictions allow.

Growing up, it was always obvious that Roisin would end up in music and she plays an impressive six instruments.

“I got started with music at a really young age by learning to play the classical violin at school, I think I was maybe five years old. Nearly every year, I found a new instrument to play.

“I began playing classical piano at eight, bodhrán at nine, and took a few guitar lessons when I was 12, but once I left primary school I began to teach myself guitar with the help of YouTube tutorials.

“I kept up with the lessons for the violin and piano throughout secondary school, and also began to learn the céilí drums at 15 and I learned to play the ukulele during music class in school, which was a lot of fun.”

But what was far less obvious, was that she’d be centre stage, despite her immense talents. She describes herself as ‘a really quiet kid, who didn’t say much in class.’

“I was more of an introvert than the rest of my friends and it was the same when it came to singing; I sang in groups or not at all.

“But whenever I was home alone I would always sing at the top of my voice, and I began to really enjoy it and had a lot of fun with it.”

She started a YouTube page which she said helped to build her confidence and started recording some covers with her guitar, and in UCC while studying arts she was lead singer in a band.

“We took it really seriously and everything else was kind of put on the back burner. We’d rehearse every week and played at the UCC Physics Formal in November, 2017, which was really fantastic,” Roisin remembers.

Then, out of nowhere one day, after posting a cover on her Instagram account, she got a message from a record label in London saying ‘sounds good’.

“I remember thinking ‘oh my god, this is a real record label!’

“So we sent a few messages back and forth, then emailed back and forth for a bit, and eventually they said they wanted to sign me.

“I was so excited, this was something I never thought would happen. So I signed with them, flew to London a few weeks later and recorded my debut single Get Up, did a photo shoot for the single art work, a few months later I flew back over and recorded the music video,” she said.

Singer Roisin Doyle.  Picture: Jason Miller
Singer Roisin Doyle.  Picture: Jason Miller

Pre-Covid, Roisin was flying over several times a year to record new songs with Complete Opposite Records, and to do photo shoots, video shoots, etc.

“It’s hard. I am hoping that once the restrictions begin to ease here and things open up that I’ll be able to get to a studio here in Cork and record some new songs.

“I’ve got four songs ready and hopefully within the next few months they’ll be ready for release.”

All her songs are based on true events or emotions from her life, some more personal than others.

“They come to me at random times, usually in the shower or when I’m out walking my dog, and then I quickly jot them down on my phone.

“One time, I wrote an entire song down on the back of a receipt while at work (I work part-time in a grocery store).

“They are generally pop songs with relatable messages within them. I find that a lot of the songs out there right now aren’t really about anything.

“With pop music it’s all about what’s popular right now, but for me personally, the songs that resonate with me most are ones that I can relate to and can attach to a time, person or place in my life.”

Right now, Roisin is busy studying for a master’s in positive and coaching psychology in UCC, a positivity that’s reflected in her attitude to her future.

“The plan is to eventually open up a practice here in that area while still recording and playing music. It’s a really tricky business and hard to break into.

“If that never happens then that’s OK too. I’m just having fun with it right now and I think with everything that has happened in the last year, having fun is the most important thing.”

Certainly no shortage of Get Up and go here!

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