Search is on for Cork mums and daughters to take part in theatre project

Mums and daughters are being sought for an interesting theatre project in Cork this summer, writes ELAINE DUGGAN
Search is on for Cork mums and daughters to take part in theatre project

LOTS OF FUN: Like Mother, Like Daughter has been hosted in a number of cities, pictured left are some of the previous participants.

IF YOU could ask your mum one question about her life, what would it be? Or what is the most important thing a mother can pass on to her daughter?

These are the questions that have prompted the ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ theatre project — which comes to Cork this summer.

A call has gone out for Cork mums and daughters, aged 13 and over, to take part in the project, as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival.

The group behind the theatre production are the renowned, Complicite (UK).

Producer of the Cork show, Sinead Dunphy, of LittleShoesProductions said getting to work with Complicite is a wonderful opportunity.

So who exactly are they looking to take part in the upcoming show? Sinead said participants can be from all different backgrounds, faiths and nationalities. They want to talk to people about their lives, their religion, their experiences, and about growing up and bringing up daughters. These stories will then be woven into a performance starring the mothers and daughters themselves.

Will it be an easy task getting people on board? Sinead said she hopes so: “The women of Cork have plenty to say!”

She said one of the major perks is that the search for participants is so wide.

“We are looking for a real variety, for different types of people — where you come from, who you are, what your faith is, what your faith isn’t, what ethnicity — it opens the net up quite wide. Hopefully we will have a lot of people involved.

“It more a participatory, vibe, so you get to meet the director and production manager in May and see if it is for you.

“Right now we are looking for people interested in exploring the option, getting them then to sit down with the director, when I say sit down, I mean have a bite to eat, get to know people involved in the project, and make sure both sides are happy with it — there is a real element of inclusion and self discovery.”

Sinead added that you don’t have to be an actor to take part, as they are interested in meeting people from all walks of life.

“We are taking enquiries until May 5. With a view of meeting the director on May 6/7. The more people we get the better.”

Sinead said the production can’t really be classed as a performance.

“It is a sharing and storytelling. At mimimum we need eight different couples, from all over, not necessarily from Cork — but you have to be available in Cork — a willing mother and daughter, what ever side you be.”

She said the whole process will allow participatns to get to know your mother/ daughter in a new way. Through out workshops in the lead up to the Cork Midsummer Festival, mum and daughter will be asked different questions and then on the night of the production, these questions will pop up again.

“Yes there will be a small audience at each of the events, but after a number of different workshops, scenarios where people are getting used to getting asked questions… so there is a real element of self discovery. It could turn into laughter/ sadness, it could be off the wall, or end up extremely rude — it is about the people involved, it could change so dramatically, because it is so many different people…”

The show has been done already in other parts of the world to great success. To see a trailer for previous performances search for Like Mother, Like Daughter and Complicite on Youtube. If you are interested in finding out more about the project, and how to participate, please contact

For more information on Cork Midsummer Festival and Complicite, please visit and

The Like Mother, Like Daughter project is supported by Cork City Council Arts Office and in association with NASC. The Cork Midsummer Festival takes place from June 16 to 25.

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