Roz really gets under our skin

As model and health/fitness guru, Roz Purcell visits Cork, ELAINE DUGGAN catches up with her to talk skincare secrets, her new book and working out
Roz really gets under our skin
Roz Purcell

SHE’S known for healthy eating and lifestyle, but memories of her last trip to Cork, where she drank an ‘unforgettable’ hot chocolate, sent Roz Purcell into a fit of the giggles.

“The owner said you have to try my hot chocolate. It was the most guilty hot chocolate ever, if someone puts something in front of me I’ll have it, and there was so much chocolate,” she said, laughing.

Such indulgences are no doubt rare for the Tipperary model and former Miss Universe Ireland, as Roz, whose naturalbornfeeder blog has a legion of fans, all keen to follow her healthy lifestyle.

And the ‘guilty’ hot chocolate is a recipe unlikely to feature in her new book — due out in October — which she just finished two days before we chatted. Her first book, Natural Born Feeder, has sold almost 14,000 copies.

While Roz is keeping quiet about the theme of the new book, she said it does have a topic, along the lines of what five items do you have in your cupboard at home, that you can whip up a dish with.

Roz says writing another book (a quick successor to the first which was 300 pages long) wasn’t that difficult, given her passion.

“The first book — that was a build up of recipes for so long. This one, there’s still a large amount / volume of recipes. It is just me. I come up with recipes all the time, I just don’t stop, it is my favourite thing to do, you know, for me that’s not hard at all.

“The only part of the book I find hard is the bit I need to talk about myself, at the start and end, I find the recipe part so easy.”

But it’s not food that has brought Roz to Cork this evening (April 12). She’s featuring in a Q&A in Boots, Half Moon Street, from 4.30pm to 6pm, as part of the IMEDEEN® #RevealYourReal campaign. It encourages Irish women to celebrate their natural beauty by taking care of their skin from the inside-out, using IMEDEEN’s supplments, geared to all ages.

Roz was approached by the company a year ago to become an ambassador as they heard she was using their products.

Originally, she had been using their hair and nail supplement — years of modelling had ruined her tresses.

“All the constant wear and tear, sometimes you are getting your hair done twice a day, all the back combing and dying it for shoots, it was really suffering. It mainly started with that.

“I would have swam a lot so my nails were really brittle from being in the pool a lot, so that was the main reason I was using it.”

Roz said she has been very fortunate with good skin, and said the only time she recalls her skin going out of control was when she was travelling abroad.

“A change of climate sometimes causes it to break out, it was really hard, you’d be getting in trouble for your skin being spotty, but it really isn’t in your control sometimes. Particularly if it is hormonal. So that was hard.

“I was very fortunate though, my skin was normally really good, even though I did a lot of beauty work growing up, so I could have make-up put on and off five different times during a shoot, my eyes might be a little red at the end of the day, but like, you know, I was quite lucky, only very rarely would my skin breakout, with a spot.”

But she is conscious that now is the time to take care of her skin, for the future. While Roz likes to get her healthy benefits from her food intake, sometimes they are not always enough for the best results.

“Obviously, I depend on my food to get a lot of my nutrition, but unfortunately nowadays we don’t get the same nutritional value out of food as we used to, obviously with crop yields getting bigger and consumption of food is more of a demand, so basically we are not getting as much bang for our buck, as much nutrients as we used to, so sometimes it really is necessary to supplement, particularly the older you get — which is kind of depressing!”

She was delighted to start using IMEDEEN to help improve her skin — it’s tightness and hydration — even her mum has gotten on board too and is using the product.

“I suppose I am always quite fortunate as I would have good skin, but I guess for me, what I didn’t realise, after speaking to the IMEDEEN specialist, is how prevention is key, that what you should do, at this age, is work (on your skin)… even at older ages, it is rebuilding that derma layer and really helping it fight off all the daily things we have to deal with.

“I started taking the product, but obviously it wasn’t until I met the dermatologist and she talked me through the benefits... I think a lot of people take a supplement because someone said they are taking one, but if someone goes into detail about it, it’s ‘ah! I see!’

“It is really good to understand a product. So I guess for me I would never go off it, knowing what it can do.”

Attendees at tonight’s (Wednesday April 12) Q&A will get to try free Skin Scanning Service, by one of their experts.

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