Why is she so addictive?

Ahead of her talks in Cork this month, we talk to Eimear Varian Barry from Friar's Walk about her social media success
Why is she so addictive?
Eimear Varian Barry

"I AM the first to say I am a moody b**** sometimes – I’m not ashamed of that because I know every single woman and man following me is too."

And that’s Eimear Varian Barry unknowingly explaining perfectly why her social media followers (67,000 on Instagram and almost 2,000 on Snapchat) just cannot get enough of her.

From Friar’s Walk and now living in Surrey the photographer/model/ stylist/mum/vlogger and writer documents her life (the good, bad and ugly) on social media in an honest and ridiculously likeable way.

Basically she’s addictive – and not in a guilty pleasure way either, she is 100% ‘cool’ and appealing to women (and men) of all ages.

And in what is the hottest ticket in town, she is hosting Afternoon Tea in electric (February 25) where she’ll be talking about how she built her brand and turned it into a full time job.

The event was originally to be a one off but demand was so big that Eimear is now hosting a second the next day– she’s a crowd puller; we all listen when she has something to say.

Mum to toddler Saoirse and baby Harper, she recently shared an intimate snap of her waiting for the results of a pregnancy test –it was negative – but still she feels she lives quite a private life.

“I would have felt over the moon if I was pregnant again. I would love four!

“But you only need to look at my content to see that some days I won’t share anything and other days I'll document a lot. There’s a lot that goes on that my followers don't see. I feel strongly about oversharing. I think some bloggers do it far too much. I am my own producer. I share what I want. I am in control of everything I put out there.” 

And what we see is all real, she says.

“It’s important to be yourself and show that life is real and full of ups and downs.

“I show when I am happy, feeling stressed or feeling overwhelmed. My life is a rollercoaster of emotions. Being my own boss, there are thrills, let downs, stresses.” 

Daniel, her partner of five years, owns a building company and is very supportive of Eimear.

“Like every couple, we have ups and downs. We're both passionate, strong willed and both own businesses. We have survived a lot over the last five years going through a miscarriage and a break up...but we still can't live without each other. It's one of those relationships.” 

With two small girls and what seems like a packed schedule – both glamorous and domestic- how does she keep going?

“My drive comes from knowing what it’s like to be broke. Perfect example of this is when I was working in a call centre an hour away from where I lived for £5.40 an hour, selling ecigarettes to retail stores...while I was 37 weeks pregnant with Saoirse. That payslip is pinned up on my desk to remind me of what a struggle that was for us.” 

And to those who think what she does doesn’t qualify as work she says ‘go ahead and try it.’ 

“If you want to succeed and do what I do properly, then you'll realise there are SO many aspects of it that you would never think are involved.” 

Eimear’s incredible success story was never part of a plan as such.

“I never ever realised I could do what I do for a living until about two years of posting on IG. I studied film-making and photography and worked with amazing stylists and photographers all over the world. I worked in fashion PR in New York and that experience sticks with me to this day. I grew this organically and am lucky enough to make a living from it."

Eimear is encouraging people to come along to electric on Saturday and Sunday “to be fed, watered, be inspired, to laugh, to meet new people with the same mindset, to be encouraged.” 

In between her posts, collaborations with industry leaders she’s also currently working on a book - a project she says will take around two years.

“But it will be worth it,” she insists.

We believe her.

*See http://electriccork.ie/events/ for ticket information 

*See www.theEVBedit.com – a fashion and lifestyle platform where Eimear showcases her work and collaborations

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