VIDEO: Cork school kids - why we love our mums!

Whether she’s smothering them in kisses, dancing around the kitchen to Little Mix, making their favourite dinner, or sliding down water parks on foreign holidays with them... Cork school kids love their moms — so they told SARAH HORGAN as she visited them ahead of Mother’s Day, this Sunday
VIDEO: Cork school kids - why we love our mums!

Sunday's Well Girls' NS  pupils, front, Courtney Fielding - Cotter, Lily Carolan, Ellie Creed, Anna McKee, Hollie Blake-Haines, back from left, Ava Byrd, Abbie O'Toole, Alexandra O'Shea, Emma O'Brien and Zuzanna Jankowska
Picture: Eddie O'Hare

WITH Mother’s Day looming, kids from two Cork primary schools were determined to let the world know how much the most important woman in their life means to them.

It came as no surprise that students from Sunday’s Well Boys and Girls National Schools relished the opportunity to pay tribute to their mums.

On our visit to Sunday’s Well Girls’ National School on Blarney Street, we were met by a sea of cherubic smiles.

Pupils ranging from Senior Infants right up to sixth class sat brimming with energy. Their surroundings boast vibrant paintings and little handprints peppering the walls. Some fidget excitedly in their seats, as if jolted by little bolts of electricity.

Junior Infant Ellie Creed is the first to reveal all about her best friend in the world ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday. A broad grin spreads across her face.

“I love her so much,” the Junior Infant beams. “My card for her is going to have an emoji face with heart eyes. My mummy is beautiful, but dad says I’m the head off my sister. For Mother’s Day I’ll give her a hug and kisses.” When it comes to spending time with mum Linda, Ellie proves the best things in life really are free.

“We love dancing around to Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix. Then, in May, it will be Father’s Day. My dad says I’m hilarious.” It wasn’t long before Zuzanna Jankowska chipped in with praise for her own partner-in- crime — mum Hannah.

“My mum loves bulldogs so I’m looking for a Mother’s Day card with one on it. Every time I see one I have to shout ‘come quick’.” First class student Courtney Fielding summed up why she adores her mum Kate in one touching line.

“I love her because she gave me birth,” the little girl said, with the wisdom in her eyes betraying an extraordinarily youthful exterior.

Third class student Alexandra O’Shea’s mum Elaine will be in for a huge treat this Sunday.

“My brothers and I are going to make her breakfast in bed. There’ll be bacon, sausages and pudding too. She’ll be getting flowers from my brothers so I’ve decided to buy her a handbag instead.” Senior Infant Hollie Blake described her perfect day with mum Kerry.

“I love when we go shopping and leave my brother and stepdad in the car. Afterwards we’ll go and get ice-cream. My favourite is mint flavour.” One year on and little Junior Infant Anna McKee’s Mother’s Day bouquet is still going strong.

“Last Mother’s Day I gave my mum some paper flowers,” she revealed. “I love her because she hugs me and kisses me a lot. Mum has black curly hair and loves watching TV and playing on her tablet.” Second class pupil Abigail O’Toole shared a fond memory from Christmas with her mother.

“She gave me a blanket that looks like a mermaid’s tail. We love going shopping together, especially in Penneys.” Lily Carolan of First class is looking forward to her mum Fiona’s company this Sunday. “Mum is very funny. She works in a hospital and I love spending time with her.” 

As far as third class pupil Emma O’Brien and her mum Deirdre are concerned, every day is Mother’s Day.

“I love just walking to the shop with mum and telling her what’s happening at school.” 

Sunday's Well Boys NS pupils, front, Sean O'Sullivan, Mason Good-Murphy, Reece O'Donovan, Dylan Barry and Jake Power, back from left, Shane O'Brien, Jake McQuillan, Calvin O'Dea, Calvin Peyton -Blake and Ruairi O'CallaghanPicture: Eddie O'Hare
Sunday's Well Boys NS pupils, front, Sean O'Sullivan, Mason Good-Murphy, Reece O'Donovan, Dylan Barry and Jake Power, back from left, Shane O'Brien, Jake McQuillan, Calvin O'Dea, Calvin Peyton -Blake and Ruairi O'CallaghanPicture: Eddie O'Hare

Meanwhile, kids from Sunday’s Well Boy’s National School also had some touching messages for the main women in their life.

“I love you mum,” declared seven-year-old First Class student Jake Power “ much!” He described what sets his mum Regina apart.

“She is very kind-hearted,” he said. “She buys me shoes and tracksuits, pretty much anything I want.

“I’d like to take her to a restaurant for Mother’s Day. I’m not really sure which is her favourite is but I know she likes Luigi’s.

“Her favourite colour is purple so I might buy her purple flowers. If I could give her any present in the world it would be Olly Murs because he’s her favourite singer.” Five-year-old Junior Infant Jake McQuillan reiterated the importance of helping out mum Vicki every other day of the year too.

“She is my favourite! Every night I do her favours. If she wants something she asks me because I know where everything is. She makes my dinner. My favourite is always chicken nuggets and chips.” Seven-year-old first class student Calvin O’Dea was keen to dish out some of his mum Charlotte’s best kept secrets.

“We’re going to see Nathan Carter together. She loves him and wants him to be her boyfriend,” Calvin said, prompting stifled giggles from his schoolmates.

He proceeded to recount a tongue-in-cheek Father’s Day card sent by his mum.

“Mum sent dad a card on Father’s Day with a poem that said: ‘Roses are red, Violets are blue, Nathan Carter’s hot, just like you’.” “I’m not sure what we’re doing for Mother’s Day yet but I like going to Scoozis.” If five-year-old Sean O’Sullivan from Senior Infants had his wish he’d fly mum Carrie to Lanzarote this Sunday.

“My favourite time with my mum is when we go to water parks together when we’re on holiday in Lanzarote. We both love the water parks.” Watch reporter Sarah Horgan and photographer Eddie O’Hare’s interviews with the pupils online at

We'll be posting more videos from the schools over the coming days, ahead of Mother's Day this Dunday.

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