600 women will exercise together

To mark International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, hundreds of women will exercise at an unusual venue, writes EMMA CONNOLLY
600 women will exercise together
Launching the BEE Lean with Lesley, fitness charity event, was Nicola O'Sullivan, Head of Fundraising Saoirse Foundation, Izzy Show Bizzy, RedFM, Ann Doherty, Chief Executive Cork City Council, Kate Flynn, Cobh, Lady Mayoress Georgina Fitzgerald, Lesley Giltinan, ViPR & Tone Cork and Amy Wren, RedFM.Picture: Jim Coughlan.

A CORK woman who is passionate about helping women be their best is celebrating International Women and Mother’s Day next month with a unique fundraising event in City Hall.

Lesley Giltinan, of the hugely popular Vipr & Tone exercise classes that run in Cork Con, will host two group sessions in the historic venue.

This is Lesley’s fifth year in business and the March 8 event will mark this milestone as well as raising funds for BUMBLEance, the National Ambulance Service for Sick Children.

“Having spent a lot of my life working as a financial advisor and exercising as my hobby to keep fit, in shape and feeling good, I decided to take a risk and walk away from my job and train to become a fitness instructor,” said Lesley.

“I qualified in 2011 with National Training Centre in Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training and in 2012 I set up Vipr& Tone Cork and that was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Every day I do what I love to do and I get paid for it!”

Lesley’s clientele is mainly female and she enjoys a huge following from women of all ages throughout the city.

“This is year five for Vipr & Tone Cork so to mark that and to celebrate all of the women who come to my sessions and every woman out there who balances their busy lives and manages to keep as fit as they can, I want to do something that will make a difference.

“All proceeds raised from the morning will be going to BUMBLEance, who are currently raising funds for a BUMBLette which is like a mini ambulance which will be based in Cork for the Munster area.”

As a mum of three boys — Jack, 12; Harry, 16 and Vince, 19 — Lesley said she ‘just connected’ with this charity and the ‘fabulous work that they do’.

“So I decided I would take on a challenge and do something that would raise funds for a worthy cause. That is how I came up with ‘BEE Lean With Lesley’.”

Lesley Giltinan, of Vipr & Tone Cork.
Lesley Giltinan, of Vipr & Tone Cork.

The sessions, each with a capacity for 300 women, are suitable for anyone, regardless of their fitness.

Above all, they are designed to be fun and, Lesley says, are ‘celebrating life’.

“That’s the beauty of exercise — it makes you feel great. The level of commitment and determination I see in my classes is fabulous, and even though some days someone in the class may find it tough, because it is tough, everyone leaves feeling great, feeling fit and strong and can take on any task the day may have in store for them.

“I see so many women who come to me transform through our sessions, not just their physical shape that changes, I can see how their wellbeing improves, through good health, happiness and security of who we are.”

An added bonus is that the exercises demonstrated by Lesley can be done at home as there’s no equipment used.

“This is for everyone to enjoy and it’s also Mother’s Day which is a perfect coincidence for us to get out there and celebrate our mother or being mothers with a quick fun work-out, and enjoy the rest of the day knowing that we got our fitness fix!”

Lesley is a strong advocate, and advert, for incorporating exercise into your daily life.

“I run 16 classes every week together and all the prep work that goes with it and the admin, and run the house as best as I can. I truly believe if I wasn’t fit, I couldn’t do it all. My husband Paul is a great husband and must take credit for all he does to help me do what I do but being fit keeps me motivated, focused and happy.”

BEE Lean With Lesley comprises two bodyweight training work outs, at 9am and 10am in conjunction with RedFM and Cork City Council.

Tickets costing €10 from https://www.bumbleance.com/product/bee-lean- with-lesley/

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