It is time to take the digital out of dating... go back to basics

Are Cork people heading back to old-style, ‘natural’ forms of dating?
It is time to take the digital out of dating... go back to basics
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ARE you tired of ghosting, breadcrumbing and the slow fade? Do you even know what those words mean?

If you’re single and an online dater, then chances are high that even if you don’t know what they mean, you most likely have experienced at least one. Each one is a version of a slow-burn rejection, commonplace in the online dating minefield.

Meet game-changer Caroline Falvey. Inspired by her own and her friends’ experiences of online dating, the Cork woman has taken matters into her own hands and created a new – old-style — dating concept: DineTwoDate.

DineTwoDate has the lofty and welcome promise to ‘take the digital out of dating’ and is inviting singletons to get their nose out of their phones and their bums on to a DineTwoDate seat.

“Online dating has increasingly become more like a game than a way of meeting people who want a relationship,” explains Falvey.

“While online dating can be a great way to get some entertaining stories to recount to your coupled-up friends, it’s an increasingly fickle and frustrating experience for someone who wants to find a life partner.”

Spying a gap in the market, Caroline realised that while there are plenty of decent people on dating websites, not everyone enjoys online dating and many would prefer to meet people in a more natural way.

“The difficulty with this however is that after a certain age people don’t want to spend their time falling out of pubs or leering up to the opposite sex at the witching hours of the night.

With the increasing gamification of online dating apps, DineTwoDate is a back-to-basics approach.

“There is a definite need out there for something different and something more natural,” says Falvey.

“In response to this we are creating safe spaces for people to mingle and meet naturally and enjoy some fine dining and social company.”

DineTwoDate is an informal dinner event in which 15 single women and 15 single men in the 30 to 60 age group get a chance to meet each other for the first time in person for food and drinks in a safe, group setting.

Guests register on the DineTwoDate website and on the night of the event enjoy a pre-dinner drinks reception and a four course meal. After each course, the male attendees are invited to move to the next table, ensuring all guests get to mingle and meet one another. It is solely at each guest’s discretion if they wish to exchange personal details to any of the other guests.

“Simply put, our concept is to take the digital out of dating,” says Falvey.

“Putting your phone into our phone spa or at the very least switching it off is an essential part of the night that we ask all of our guests to sign up to.

“Without your phone you will get the opportunity to relax and just get to know new people — the old-fashioned way.”

The next event is planned for December 8. See

021 7319683 Email:

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