More to life than just existing...

Bogging ourselves down in the past stops us from moving forward, therapist Noreen Kiely tells Emma Connolly ahead of an event this month
More to life than just existing...
Noreen Kiely

WE SPEND too much time blaming others, living in the past and worrying about the future.

That’s the opinion of Cork woman Noreen Kiely, from Minnane Bridge, who, along with three others, is running an event in the Midleton Park Hotel this month designed to help people make changes to create a better life for themselves.

“But they must step up and ask for help, that is the first step,” she says.

Mother of two Noreen is a Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Therapist, Clinical & Therapeutic Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Talk Therapist and Speaker/Coach helping people deal with anxiety, stress, self-doubt and confidence.

Her event is called ‘New Beginnings — One Day in Your Life.’ Explaining how it came about, she says: “Through my training, working with clients and my own personal journey, I have met amazing people who have experienced huge life challenges and yet have turned their lives around. Their stories are amazing.

“I have always loved stories and hence the idea of ‘New Beginnings — One Day In Your Life’ was born. People resonate with stories, and I believe, through connection, empowering people, educating people and providing hope, it will enhance the lives of many other people.”

‘Mental health, or her preferred term, emotional health in society today, is probably the highest contributing factor to our health problems, she feels.

“The old ways are not working, and something must be done,” she said.

Noreen explains Future Life Progression work as a “dynamic waking dream therapy that allows people to tap into the future to bring back knowledge and insights that can be used to make progress”.

Noreen says: “Most of us bog ourselves down in the past and cannot move forward. Future Life Therapy is about going into your subconscious mind, tapping into your higher self, the self that knows all the answers and it will provide the answers.

“We spend a lot of time blaming others, our jobs, for how we are feeling, rather than looking inwards and getting an understanding of why patterns emerge, and you say, ‘Why do I always end up this way?’ or ‘Why does this come back again and again?’ Is it anger, fear, worry? What is the emotion?

“But, by asking that question, offers an opportunity for someone to change their consciousness. All the answers lie within us, but it is taking the time to ask the questions.”

She advises making more time for what we enjoy and being present, and says the more we do this, the more we’ll find answers to those questions.

“I believe we don’t really know what we want in life, we show up, we firefight and we exist.

“We dwell on the past, we worry about our future, and struggle to live in the present.

“We need to go back to basics, understanding ourselves,who we really are and not who people think we are.

“We need to go back to a place where we can find peace within ourselves. ‘One Day In Your Life’ — New Beginnings Event, will show you how and give you tools that will help you to rise above anxiety, understand depression, improve your confidence.”

For more information and tickets to the event in the Midleton Park Hotel on April 29, from 10.30am to 4pm, contact Noreen at or Facebook: or Eventbrite


Margaret Cross: Margarent’s vision is to speak about ‘Finding Thy Self’ and how growing up and not fitting in with her peers had a big effect on her emotional well- being and other aspects of her life. She qualified as a therapist in Subconscious (Hidden Mind) & Corrective Sound Therapy, combining Ancestral DNA Healing and Future Life Progression Therapy.

Celine O’Donovan: A grateful survivor of breast cancer, Celine used this experience to transform her life, become a life coach and write her personal story.

She firmly believes that every challenge in life offers the opportunity for growth and a fresh start.

Helen Murphy: Helen is a counsellor who has worked with adults and adolescents in a wide range of settings on issues ranging from anxiety and depression, through addiction, bullying, relationship issues and many more.

She will address the issues of anxiety and depression and will look at practical ways of addressing them.

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