Have a Michelin star inspired Christmas feast

Cork picked up a number of internationally renowned gourmet accolades this year. ELAINE DUGGAN asked the chefs who were given Michelin Stars and Bib Gourmands to share their recipes.
Have a Michelin star inspired Christmas feast
Venison recipe from Paul McDonald, Bastion Kinsale.

BASTION in Kinsale retained its Michelin Bib Gourmand again this year. The award recognises places offering good food at affordable prices of €40 or less for a three-course meal.

Here chef/owner Paul McDonald shares his recipe for a venison Christmas mains.

Ingredients (Serves 4)

1 loin of a venison saddle ask your butcher to remove all bone and silver skin

Season well

Salsify (can be done a day in advance)

750ml milk

8 salsify sticks peeled and immediately submerged in milk

15 g salt

2 bay leaf

10g thyme

5 single black peppercorns

20 g garlic (no need to peel just crush)


Place all ingredients into spot bring to boil, remove from heat allow to cool to room temp, check if they are done by piercing with skin off you are looking for the same feeling as a potatoes when it’s cooked if not cooked bring back to boil and remove once more from the heat (do not keep them on boil as they will over cook very easily).

Mushroom Crumble:

This can be done a day in advance, if so keep in an air tight container

55 g dried crushed Paris brown cap

50 g roasted crushed hazelnuts

7g dried ceps powder

1g picked thyme (leaf only)


You can dry the Paris brown caps yourself in an oven at 50oc over night or buy some pre-dried mixed mushroom.

Blend all the ingredients individually, you are looking for them to be a bit gravely in texture, not too fine!

Now mix them all together and season with maldron sea salt to your preference.

Paul McDonald, chef/owner of Bastion, Kinsale.Picture: Denis Minihane.
Paul McDonald, chef/owner of Bastion, Kinsale.Picture: Denis Minihane.

Mushroom purée:

This can be done a day in advance

220 g winter chanterelles

100g butter

20 g diced shallot

100g diced button mushroom

60g white wines

50 ml cream

Salt to taste


Place the first four ingredients in a pot and allow cook until wilted No add the wine allow to reduce until almost all gone, now add cream allow come to the boil now blend to a smooth purée, season to taste.

Mushroom consommé recipe

Recommended to make this 2 or 3 days in advance, can be frozen for further use

1 kg Paris brown cap mushroom (Keelings)

1 kg portabelo (Keelings)

500 g onion (Keelings)

40g garlic (Keelings)

300 g carrots (Keelings)

400g leeks (Keelings)

400g cellery (Keelings)

20g thyme (Keelings)

1 single bay leaf (keelings)

5 single peppercorns (Pallas)

180 ml Madeira (shop)

6 litre water 100 g dried mushroom (Larousse)


Bring to boil then simmer for 1 hour. Rest for two hours. Pass double muslin, reduce to two litres, pass double muslin again.

Clarify by freezing then deflating the block through muslin cloth very slowly. Do not push the ice around as you will ruin your hard work.

Season with light soy and sherry vinegar.

Reduce to taste.


Washed trimmed and roasted under a grill or charred on a char grill if you have one, season with maldron sea salt and lemon juice.

Pickled mushrooms

Can be done a day in advance. Keeps for three months.

100g winter chanterelles

300g rice wine vinegar

200g water

100g sugar


Place water sugar and vinegar in a pot bring to boil, then pour over the mushrooms allow to cool.

50g dried cranberries chopped, for decoration

To finish:

Seal your seasoned venison loin in a smoking hot pan until well roasted on all sides, place in a 180oc preheated oven for four minutes, remove and allow rest in a warm place for seven minutes.

During the seven mins resting time reheat your salsify in a little of the milk, remove from the milk and coat it in the mushroom crumble.

Place on the plate, spoon some warmed mushroom pure on the plate, char your kale for a few seconds (the little burnt bits are excellent, scatter some chopped cranberries and pickled mushrooms.

Carve your rested venison loin arrange on the plate and finish with some warmed mushroom consommé.

Dependent on thickness of your loin this should give you a nice medium rare venison, if you like your meat cooked on a little just leave it in the oven for a few mins more but keep the resting time the same.

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