Training tips for The Echo Women's Mini-Marathon

Dennehy’s Health and Fitness have come on board to offer training advice for The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon, writes EMMA CONNOLLY
Training tips for The Echo Women's Mini-Marathon
Picture: David Keane

HELPING women to get prepared for The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon, and showing that it really is within everyone’s reach... that’s the role of Dennehys Health & Fitness Gyms.

Starting in Women on Wednesday, in The Echo today (Wednesday, August 7), Dennehy’s, with gyms in Blackpool, Douglas and Ballincollig, will be on board with weekly exercise programmes in WOW! designed to get us all moving — and enjoying it.

Regardless of whether you plan on walking, jogging or running the 38th annual mini marathon on Sunday, September 22, their programmes will have universal appeal and accessibility.

Céire McCarthy, the Blackpool manager, explains: “Our programme is suitable for people of all fitness levels but is generally aimed at beginners and it is fully adaptable for anyone with special requirements.

“It’s for anyone who thinks the Women’s Mini Marathon might be a nice, fun challenge as well as for those with a keen interest in health and fitness.”

Céire feels that events like the Mini Marathon are really important for women of all ages, to help promote health and fitness in an enjoyable group environment.

“The event is a great way to motivate women to increase their cardiovascular fitness.

“Brisk walking, jogging or running are great types of aerobic exercises to enhance our cardiovascular fitness. Aerobic exercise reduces the risk of many conditions, including obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

“The event is also great because you see groups of friends, families as well as those who decide to do it alone — although they are not alone, because we are all there together encouraging those around us to get to that finish line!

“We motivate each other through it and, remember, it only takes one person’s infectious energy to drive the group on,” she said.

Of course, one such person bursting with energy is this year’s brand ambassador Trisha Lewis, of Trisha’s Transformation, who shares her weight loss and fitness journey with her thousands of Instagram followers.

The 31-year old was 26 stone and one pound last February and pledged to lose 13 stone and a pound... and she’s half way there.

Trisha trains with Dennehy’s and Céire described her as a “true inspiration to both men and women”, adding: “She is truly amazing for having the confidence, motivation and self-belief to start on the hard but utterly rewarding road to health, fitness and self happiness. She is the epitome of strength. We are in total awe of how much she motivates people every day with her infectious laugh and her positivity.

The Echo Women's Mini Marathon, Brand ambassador Trisha Lewis, left and Douglas branch manager Natalie Hill, having fun at Dennehy's Health & Fitness, to mark Dennehy's coming on board as the official training partner of the Echo Women's Mini Marathon.Picture: David Keane.
The Echo Women's Mini Marathon, Brand ambassador Trisha Lewis, left and Douglas branch manager Natalie Hill, having fun at Dennehy's Health & Fitness, to mark Dennehy's coming on board as the official training partner of the Echo Women's Mini Marathon.Picture: David Keane.

“She shows that it won’t always be easy but that you just have to keep chipping away at it, fall down, get back up and go again. As cliched as it sounds you just have to keep going. Believing that you can is half the battle! If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

Summer can be a time that lots of us fall off the health and fitness wagon, with holidays and the like breaking our routines.

Instead of waiting until the programme launch in August, Céire says we should all start moving — today.

“It can be as easy as walking rather than driving small distances. Walk to the shop to get the carton of milk and leave the car at home. Start taking the stairs instead of the lift. Take advantage of the bright evenings and good weather. Pick an outdoor activity — hiking, going on a nature walk, playing games with the kids on the beach, cycling or swimming — these are all activities that will help those who don’t like that cooped up feeling of summer gym workouts. And remember, the family that plays together not only gets fit together, but also bonds. All of these small steps will help you reach your goal.”

Of course, nutrition is something we have to keep in check.

“Water is always the beverage of choice. Increase your water intake to ensure you are rehydrating your body, due to the increase in exercise and warmer weather, and sleep is also vital,” advises Céire.

But even by putting all these building blocks in place, she warns against expecting overnight results.

“We must have patience. These days social media has a big impact on women. They are constantly being bombarded with images that are not realistic, quick fix diets, etc. People are comparing themselves to others and this can have a very negative effect. We must realise it is going to take some time to achieve goals. We need to shift our mindsets and think of this as a lifestyle rather than a quick fix.

“Consistency is key. From all of us here at Dennehy’s Health & Fitness, we wish you a huge good luck and we are so excited to be a part of your health and fitness journey for taking part in The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon.”

Luke Dennehy, company owner, added: “We’re delighted to be involved and associated with such a long-standing community event. Not only does The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon inspire people to get fit and healthy, it also serves the local and national charities that will benefit from the funds raised by the participants.

“Here at all three Dennehy’s Health and Fitness gyms, based in Douglas, Blackpool and Ballincolllig — serving our local communities is at the core of everything we do, therefore becoming sponsors of the 2019 The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon is the perfect partnership, we look forward to greeting the runners at the start line this year.”

Today, August 7 the Dennehy’s mini marathon training programme begins in WoW and runs up to September 22! Pick up your print copy, every Wednesday.

The Echo is also delighted to have Tesco Ireland on-board as associate sponsor of The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon for the 2nd year running, which will take place on Sunday, September 22, 2019.

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