Cork woman Trisha Lewis secures a book deal 

Chef and Insta star Trish Lewis has signed a book deal and will be sharing 60 healthy recipes... as well as her life story, writes EMMA CONNOLLY
Cork woman Trisha Lewis secures a book deal 

AMBITIOUS LADY: Trisha Lewis, who was the brand ambassador for The Echo Women’s Mini Marathon last year, will launch a book in May. Picture: Denis Minihane

TRISHA Lewis has thanked her 97,000 Instagram followers for shouting about her so loudly and so clearly that a book publisher has listened.

So now, as well as being renowned for charting the ups and downs of her ongoing battle to beat the bulge on social media, the Cork woman can also declare herself to be a published author.

Her book,Trisha’s Transformation, will hit shelves this May and to say she’s excited would be an understatement.

Announcing the book on Instagram, Trisha said it “will bare my truth”.

“I’ll bring you back to my childhood and I explain my story,” the head chef at Jacobs on the Mall said.

Trisha started her transformation on February 5, 2018, when she says she was morbidly obese and depressed and weighed 26 stone and one pound.

For years, she said, she had let herself go; scared her family; fought with friends and let weight take all the joy in her life.

“To me, Instagram was a scary and unknown world where a fat person didn’t belong. I was quickly proved otherwise.

“All of a sudden my dark, lonely days were filled with the most wonderful gang of people, my Transformers.

“You guys have built me up and carried me when I was weak and from the moment you met me you all believed in me.”

She said they shouted about her so loudly and so clearly that Gill publishing heard, and asked her to write a book. The result is Trisha’s Transformations, which will tell her story as well as include 60 healthy recipes.

Trisha Lewis, crosses the finish line in the Echo Women's Mini Marathon. Trisha was the brand ambassador for the event, last year.Picture: David Keane
Trisha Lewis, crosses the finish line in the Echo Women's Mini Marathon. Trisha was the brand ambassador for the event, last year.Picture: David Keane

Tricia, from Kilbeheny, said she wished she could go back to the start of her story and tell herself she was proud of who she was.

“My own wish in this mad journey is to go back and I would tell her that one day she’ll become an author; one day she would squat; jump on boxes; would run mini marathons; she would laugh more than she would cry; one day her family would not look on at her with worry; one day she could run after her nieces and nephews; that one day she would wake up and her dream would finally have come true and that she will be happy.”

She said her ‘Transformers’ had given her the bravery and strength to write the book over the past few months: “The pains, aches and tears were all worth it. I’ve learned now that on that day in February 5, 2018, two years ago, that my life was not over; in fact, it was just beginning.”

Her Insta story announcing her incredible news has been liked 12,000 times with over 1,600 comments, including some from social media’s biggest names congratulating the popular young woman.

Trisha was The Echo brand ambassador for our most recent mini marathon and at the time said she was starting to see herself as a woman once again.

Her starting ambition was to lose 13 stone and one pound — half her body weight — and she’s around halfway there, but says it’s now more about chasing happiness than pounds on the scales.

On Instagram recently, in her typical honest style she said: “This (book) wasn’t meant to happen to me… I’m a girl who wanted to die... who was scared... who has hurt people in the past because she was hurting... who was lonely... who stopped laughing… who cried a lot.”

She said she cried as she typed her book; and also snorted with laughter.

“I created recipes that were so simple Gill asked me had I missed some ingredients. Every page that I struggled at I knew that someone was out there and needed my words to know that it’s OK. I cannot wait for you guys to read my story and cook my recipes.”

Her ultimate dream, she said was for weight loss to become normal: “That it’s no longer driven by shame, It’s driven by love for YOU. And that’s pretty damn awesome. As a Transformer you will beat the bulge.”

Trisha’s Transformation, by Gill, hits the shelves on May 15. Available to pre-order.

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